Destiny Foretold

Kelly and Annabelle have been best friends for years. When Kelly is in an accident and is hit by 1D tour bus she is rushed to hospital. Annabelle comes to the hospital and finds 5 familiar guys around, Annabelle has a flashbacks of when in yr 8 she had dreams about Kelly and this moment. What happens when Annabelle finds out who she really is? Will she be safe or will she put everyone in danger?


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Kelly's POV*

"Mum I'm home", I yelled as soon as I opened the door. Hmm, it's very quiet because normally mum has her Robbie Williams playing while she is cooking dinner. "Mum", I called again, no answer. I was getting really worried, maybe she went to the shops. I walked around our kitchen and into the lounge when I saw my parents sitting on the couch holding an envelope in their hands. Oh shit! Is that my report. I better get out and go to Anna's and give my parents time to recover from the shock. "Kelly", mum called,"is that you? We have some news." Oh shit! She must have heard me. "Yes mum", I answered as sweetly as I could. "Your dad and I went shopping the other day and when we passed the travel agency we saw a competition and we tried our luck, this is the reply", mum said holding up the envelope. I felt so happy, God she would kill me if she got my report. I mean do you know how many detention notes I've got. "Keep going", I said. "Well your dad and I won four tickets to Mauritius", she said. Wait what, Mauritius? Don't think so. "It's true", dad said. I believe dad because he can never lie. ARGHH!!!!!!!! I swear the whole house vibrated. "So when are we going?" I asked. "Honey about that", mum said uncertain. "What?" I asked. "You are not coming instead we are taking Luke and Marie (Anna's parents) with us, it's because you have school and your 1D concert, I mean come on, you don't want to miss that, right love", mum had a point there. Yeah I guess they had a point but oh well that meant endless fun with Ann and she can come over every night and watch movies until we can't keep our eyes open, it might be fun after all. As I walked upstairs to my room I thought of all the fun me and Anna will have. I can't wait till our parents leave!


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