Destiny Foretold

Kelly and Annabelle have been best friends for years. When Kelly is in an accident and is hit by 1D tour bus she is rushed to hospital. Annabelle comes to the hospital and finds 5 familiar guys around, Annabelle has a flashbacks of when in yr 8 she had dreams about Kelly and this moment. What happens when Annabelle finds out who she really is? Will she be safe or will she put everyone in danger?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Annabelle's POV*

I'm so happy Kelly decided to come to school because I would be a loner without her. I walked up to Kelly and gave her a big hug, i missed her during music camp."Hey Ann love the welcome, how was music camp? Met any cute guys? Typical Kelly, I replied "no, it was boring so i just sneaked my iPod and listened to 1D"."I have taught you well Anna", said Kelly. LoL I thought as we walked into our most hated subject, ENGLISH. I hate english and I don't understand anything my teacher says. Luckily i have Kelly, my phone and twitter. Kelly was super excited today and i was dying to know why, she said she would let me at lunch and hopefully i can wait that long.


"Ok Mrs Styles what you hiding?" i asked. "Well you know how i was telling you about the gig 1D was doing in London and how i'll get tickets. Well i got backstage passes for that for 2 too." Said Kelly. ARGHHHHH!!!! We were so loud the teachers nearly fainted. Me and Kelly had the best last two periods of our life.

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