Destiny Foretold

Kelly and Annabelle have been best friends for years. When Kelly is in an accident and is hit by 1D tour bus she is rushed to hospital. Annabelle comes to the hospital and finds 5 familiar guys around, Annabelle has a flashbacks of when in yr 8 she had dreams about Kelly and this moment. What happens when Annabelle finds out who she really is? Will she be safe or will she put everyone in danger?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kelly's POV*

*beep beep* my alarm went off. I quickly looked at the time and realised it was already 8.00, oh crap! i quickly had a shower and didn't even bother with with my mess of tangled curls. i swallowed a piece of toast and made my way to my 18 b'day present, my pink ferrari which my parents gave me and i also wore my favourite jeans and pink top. I got to school and and made my way to my locker when i heard a familiar voice,"hey hughes, finally decided to turn up to school?

It was my best friend of all time, Annabelle Craigg. She is one of my most favourite person in the whole world (apart from Harry Styles). She is half British and half Australian and she is awesome. Anyway enough about Annabelle and lets come to me, my name is Kelly Hughes and i'm a huge fan of one direction and my future husband is Harry Styles. i have long, curly blond hair that is a pain in the morning and i have ocean blue eyes and im British. 


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