you changed me? now ima killer.

hi im pebble, they call me blaze, i was teased all my highschool life by the one and only louis tomlinson, cause i broke up with him, well he caught him cheating on me with my bestmate.
he changed me from the bright happy girl who wouldent hurt a fly,
to the killer that aint nothing but trouble.
my bestmate ash is my partner in crime, hes the only one i trust he got me off the streets him and hes dad showed me everything i know,
one day i blacked out and killed two teachers, all because of louis
i didnt mean to kill the techers they got in the way of the gun trying to protect louis.
me and ash went to juvy,
yeah what ever, then we where sent to boarding school,
and thats where i found louis again,
and hes mate zayn.....

yep there is a lot of swaring and shit so yeahh...


3. too closee.

i woke up to the sound of someone hummming a soft tune, followed by arguing & swearing. oh great.
`what do you think your doing, stay away from her, have you got that` someone yelled.
`and what the fuck are you gonna do about it huh? your harmless louis` someone yelled at welll louis?
`oh you think im harmless, lets see about that` louis yelled, `stop guys, stop!` they both stoped yelling at the voice of katie. `whats going on` katie asked, i got up groggely, draging my feet as i walked to the kitchen area, i hated getting up earliy, i look like a fucking zombie. ahahaha.
i was pulled out of my day dream `i wouldnt go in there if i was you.....` zayn dragged onn looking it me worried..... `why` i asked in a strict voice. `its kinda, well just a little bit, well uhmmm......` `what` i screamed. he looked at me not knowing what to say, `move` i said stirnly. he didnt move, all he did was cross hes arms and looked down at me.
arrghhhhh, i pushed himto the side making him crash into the wall.
i walked into the kitchen. The three of themturned their heads and looked at me. `whats wrong bubbles?` i turned to louis. `DONT.YOU.DARE.CALL.ME.THAT.` i said slowly making sure he knows what im saying. `what bubbles?" katie asked with a smile `yeah i use to call her bubbles when we were....` `shut up louis!.` said irritated. `whats your problem` he snapped back `your my fucking problem` by now zayn was standing a bit behind me. `what! seriously im your problem, what did i ever do to you!` he screamed. `are you fucking serious, you ruind my life` i screamed, wanting to cry as the memories flooded back.
i was walking home from a mates house, i wasnt feeling that well so i decided to come home, maby have a night with my boy. i called him about 10 times, he didnt pickup, that was weird, well anyways i was walking for about another 10 minuiets until i reached home.
i walked inside to see none of the lights where on, okay strange. Btw i live with my older sister tayla.
i herd giggling coming from upstaris and soft moans.... ohh just another boy that tayla has brought home... i didnt think much of it as i walked up the stairs,
and right there on my bed was my boyfriend and my sister getin' it on.
i didnt know what to do. A rush of anger flooded over me, im not like this, i was trying to hide it. i would never hurt a fly. i rember i accidently killed a fly once and i gave it a full on berrial.
i couldnt hold it in. holy shit.
i ran over to my bed ripping louis off of my sister, louis looked up at me like i was a monster. he was terrified. i did the first thing that came to my mind, i kicked him right in the gut, he fell to the floor eyes watering while he held hes gut in pain, hes face was all screwed up, hes mouth slightly parting. i then turned to my sistser, she looked at me in disbelief, `what the hell pebble, your never like this?` she asked trying to act all sweet and innocent. `you skank` i ran over to her grabbing the back of her head and punching her in the face about 5 times before slaming her face against the wood part of the bed. she layed there, her face in my pillow blood all over my bed, she had a blanket covering her naked body. i turned around to my wardrobe. grabbing everything i could and shoved it into my bag, *i will be back for my other stuff later* i quickly writ on a peice of paper and layed it down next to my uhalf dead sister, i walked over to louis, he was laying against the wall crying, he had a pillow infornt of hes crouch with hes head down. `louis.` i said stirnly, he looked up as me `i dont ever want to see you or hear from you again, you have ruiend my life, i thought you would be my first, i knew getting into a relationship at 13 would be bad, but i never expected it to turn out like this. you cheated on me, after spending a year with you, i thought we would be all good, but noo... you had to get with another girl, and you know what makes you more pathedic, it was my sister, your a cunt,` i said with no emotion `what happend to you, you where never like this` he said looking up at me in disbelief. `you wann know what happend, YOU, seeing you and my sister, in my bed, just made me crack.` he looked up at me `im so sorry` he said looking into my now almost black eyes. `goodbye louis. i love you` i said then ran, i dont know where i was going until i ran into ash, my hero.
*end flashback*
they all stood there, cluless. they musnt know.
i looked down with tears running down my cheaks, tears of frustration. `whats wrong` harry said coming closer. `STEP BACK HARRY` louis screamed, i looked up straight up at louis, he started stepping back slowly `your lead louis`, i ran towards louis, taking him down, sitting ontop of him, punching the shit out of him. i felt someone pull me off him. `get the fuck off me, the cunt deserves it` i screamed trying to riggle out of my beholders grip. tears falling down my face rapidly, eyes black as the night sky.
i was then pulled into the beedroom part of the dorm. (there are four parts, the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen and the loungeroom, we got a bigger doorm cause there are 5 of us.) i was then put down onto a bed, i coverd my face, this is so fucked up. `whats wrong` i herd someone say while rubbing my back, i looked up to see zayn smiling at me, i ran my hands through my blue hair. `i...i....i just.` i couldnt stop crying, zayn pulled me into him, holding me. he then picked me up putting me under the dooners of hes bed, he went to let go, but before he could i grabbed him and dragged him down into me, i didnt want to be alone right now. `okay i will sit` he said laying down next to me, well sitting down next to me under the covers, i put my head onto hes chest feeling his heart beat., `are you gonna tell me what happend?` he asked playing with my hair. i told him everything, like all of it, from where i met louis, to when he asked me out, then to my birthday, to the time i caught him and my sister sleeping together, then the part where i met ash & when i started drugs and started drinking, going to parties, getting in fights, haveing sex with random guys at parties, the time i had in jouvie, the guy i killed, how i killed the two teachers and how louis got shot, and what happend on the bus. `yeah i know about the bus` he said looking down at me `what? how do you know?` i saked cluless `i love seeing the cluless, sweet side of you, the bitchy side is mean` he said with a pouty face which made me giggle a bit. `now tell me, how do you know, you couldnt of been on the bus i would of seen you, there was only like 20 people on the bus....` i trailed of thinking about how he could of know. `room 111, see ya there` he whisperd into my ear, letting his lips linger down near my neck for longer then they should have. `it was you` i screamed poping up looking at him in shock...... `yeahh it was` he said smiling, god he was hot with hes bed hair and crooked smile. i moved up closer to him so we where at eye level with eachother. `but how did you know that we....` i became distracted by hes eyes they where an amzing brown, they where darting from my eyes to my lips and back again.... we both started to lean in, we where inches from eachother, so close, i could feel hes hot breath on my lips, then obviously it bing my luck, someone knocked on the door, `i should umm go and get that` i said awkwardly standing up,
are you shitting me, why dose does it always happen to me....

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