you changed me? now ima killer.

hi im pebble, they call me blaze, i was teased all my highschool life by the one and only louis tomlinson, cause i broke up with him, well he caught him cheating on me with my bestmate.
he changed me from the bright happy girl who wouldent hurt a fly,
to the killer that aint nothing but trouble.
my bestmate ash is my partner in crime, hes the only one i trust he got me off the streets him and hes dad showed me everything i know,
one day i blacked out and killed two teachers, all because of louis
i didnt mean to kill the techers they got in the way of the gun trying to protect louis.
me and ash went to juvy,
yeah what ever, then we where sent to boarding school,
and thats where i found louis again,
and hes mate zayn.....

yep there is a lot of swaring and shit so yeahh...


2. the argument & the memories

i sat there just a bit creeped out?

seriously how the fuck did he know we where going to be in the same room?

but then i remberd that there was only suposto be i put one earphone in and letting the other hang out of the front of my shirt, i was listening to 'nothing like us by justin bieber' (he is amazing!) as i bopped my head looking for the room, it was all quiet, then 'RAWWWWW IMA DINOSAUR' someone jumped infront of me scaring the sit outa me, the first thing i done was punch them in the nose, the guy fell to the floor holding hes nose, blood all over hes hands, i looked down to see that kid, whats hes name? harry or something yeah the one with curls. in room but there was 5?

so i ran as fast as i could to the head teacher at the front and i put on a nice girl act saying "excuse me sir, but how come there is an extra in our room?"

he looked at me and grunted then said "we need more eyes on you so you dont do anything wrong pebbel-ann brown" and with that i gave him a glare as in 'dont you fucking say that' type glare then i started walking to room 111, yayy this is going to be fun.

i put one earphone in and letting the other hang out of the front of my shirt, i was listening to 'nothing like us by justin bieber' (he is amazing!) as i bopped my head looking for the room, it was all quiet, then 'RAWWWWW IMA DINOSAUR' someone jumped infront of me scaring the sit outa me, the first thing i done was punch them in the nose, the guy fell to the floor holding hes nose, blood all over hes hands, i looked down to see that kid, whats hes name? harry or something yeah the one with curls.

i stood ther for a moment then he said, "can you atleast help me up" i started laughing cause i couldent under stand him properly.

then he shot he a glare, and i relised what he wanted so i helped him and and he showed me to our room,as i walked in the rooms where purple walls and all the furniture and that was white, i liked the looke of it, side of the room was coverd by many posters, i saw justin bieber, nicki minaj, drake, lil wayne, wiz kalifa, rhianna, usher. omg i was inlove with this person they had the best taste in music, harry draged me outa my thoughts by saying "i see you like it huh" i just answerd with a simple nod as he kept saying "yeah thias mine, katies and louis' side of the room, you and zayn have to share this side" i turned around with quickly glaring at harry he must of been startled cause he took a couple steps back then falling over my stuff causeing hes nose to bleed again, haha i felt bad for him, always getting hurt awww poor boy, so i helped him up and into the bathroom connected to the rooms, it was huge, there was 4 showers, 4 cubicals, 4 sinks, and a whole wall mirror, i looked in the mirror to see harry staring straight into my eyes, i quickly looked away feeling a bit... um i dont know embarresed? ha well whis has never happend before?

well i stoped the awkward silence by saying "come here so i can fix you up" he done what he was told and walked over to me and stood infront of me as i sat on the sink bench, as i was cleaning him up i could see harry staring at me i tryed to ignore it as long as i could but it was hard, so i looked him straight in the eyes he put hes hands on my waist pulling me into him more, i wrapped my legs around him and my arms around hes neck, he started to lean in as did i, we where about to kiss but that pick louis barged into the bathroom with silly string all over him, he looked at us as i looked at him like i was going to rip hes head off, he go the message and backed out slowly..... i looked at harry and sighed, "maby another time" i said as i finnished, i jumped off the sink as harry moved away, i washed my hands and walked back into the bedroom part.

i was unpacking all my stuff like clothes, perfumes, stuffed teddys hehe, and just everything, then i got to my food and turned to the katie chick and asked "where can i put this?" she looked up from her laptop and smiled then looked around befor jumping up and running to me? umm ok? "you can put it in the kitchen but if i was you i would hide it for when all the boys stay here for the night they eat us out of house and home" she smiled and grabbed some of my food and said "ill show you a good hiding spot" as she started to walk away, i grabbed the rest of my food, mostly lollies, and followed her

she showed me the air vent thing? i was cluless, i guess she saw my confusion and said hide you stuff in there the boys are too scared to go in there cause i onece left my phone in there and my message tone is a snake hissing, and when they where looking for my food and they thought it was a snake and they are too scared to go in there" we both stared to crack up laughing as we finnished putting our food in there but grabbing a pack of marshmellows and skittles before we locked it again.

we where stiil laughing as we walked back to the bedroom part,this was the first time iv been actually happy in years, hours went by, me and katie where getting to know eachother and putting everything away, sining and dancing and lauging like idiots, iv gotta say she is one of my bestfriends.

 it was about 6 so i jumped in the shower, i was in the shower for an hour singing and just thinking, i got out wrapped the towl around me, then i just remberd that my clothes are on my bed and my beds on the other side of the room. FUCK. i hope the boys aint back, so i creeped out getting my clothes with the towle still hanging around my body

i thought i was all good until someone wrapped their hands around my wait and said "how about you take that towl of for me doll" i was shocked at first but that turned into anger, just as i was about to say something i herd harry scream "zayn, dont you are fucking touch her like that" zayn instantly droped hes hands and turned around to harry as they walked upto eachother so they where right in eachothers face, i couldent do ant=ything cause i was in a fucking towl, so i was getting kinda scared "and who the hell do you think you are harold, she aint your girlfriend so shes a free for all" harry then yelled "and how do you know we aint dating" ash he walked over to me putting hes hands around me from behind, i felt so awkward cause i was in a towl but ohh well. "like you could pull her harry, look at her shes beautifull, shes hot, shes sweet, and she has loads of tatoos and pearcings, i thought you hated them?" zayn said i butted in "38 tattoos and 26 pearcings, just saying" they both looked at me stunned then harry went back to screaming "so you think i cant pull her huh? iv pulled nearly every chick in this school, you have had like no girlfriends, and so what if she has tattoos and pearcings?" i stood there shocked, hurt, angry because of what harry said, 'iv pulled nearly every chick in this school' i shut my eyes trying not to lash out then zayn screamed "your a man whore harry, you root and boot evey chick, you wanna know why iv had ahrdley any girlfriends? its cause i dont want to hurt them and get a bad rep,, you dont give a fuck about relationships and feelings, pebbel, hes using you!" i stood there feeling so lost, i looked over at the door to see louis and katie standing ther with macas in there hands with there mouth open "what did you hear?" i asked "everything" katie said and louis just nodded to scared i was gonna do something bad, he knows what im like!

i got out of harrys grip and went back into the bathroom to get changed, i was just about to walk out, i was fully clothed, i herd louis screaming "are yoous fucking serious, why would you do that to her, im supriesed she didnt have a panic attack and bash the fuck out of yous" "she wouldent be able to hurt me" harry said like a snob "how the fuck do you know louis, you just met her" he turned around and looked at a photo frame and said "we have history" and with that everyone went silent and louis walked upto the photo fram and stroked it, wait thats a photo of me? when we where going out, when i had my rainbow hair, now i just have shades of blue, he looked so hurt, so sad, so lost?

what the fuck hes the one who cheated on me? yeah i pushed him away and didnt talk to him when ever he tried to talk to me but seriously he fucked my sister, she was also my bestfriend, and he expects me to talk to him again, yeah fuck that.

harry being nosy said "and how would yous have history, she lived in italy, not here in london?" louis put down the photo frame and turned around and said "yeah and she grew up in australia till she was 16, thats how i met her, on her 13th birthday" they all looked at him stunned?

well this is my que to walk out, i was wearing long trackies, and a tight singlet,

they all looked at me still stunned, i was acting all clueless and asked "what do yous want?" they all looked away as i went and sat on my bed, it was pretty comfy it was a king single so i wasnt complaining? i got out my laptop, sat under my dooners, put my phone on charge and checked my instagram.

after that i put every thing away and sunk under my huge doner, looking over at everyone i caught zayns eyes he had a look of sorrow? umm ok,

well i fell asleep pretty early, it was only 9, i didnt want to wake up late cause i have actual school tomorrow....


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