you changed me? now ima killer.

hi im pebble, they call me blaze, i was teased all my highschool life by the one and only louis tomlinson, cause i broke up with him, well he caught him cheating on me with my bestmate.
he changed me from the bright happy girl who wouldent hurt a fly,
to the killer that aint nothing but trouble.
my bestmate ash is my partner in crime, hes the only one i trust he got me off the streets him and hes dad showed me everything i know,
one day i blacked out and killed two teachers, all because of louis
i didnt mean to kill the techers they got in the way of the gun trying to protect louis.
me and ash went to juvy,
yeah what ever, then we where sent to boarding school,
and thats where i found louis again,
and hes mate zayn.....

yep there is a lot of swaring and shit so yeahh...


4. replaced.

i opend the door to see ash, `ash, hey!` i screadmed jumping onto him. `uhmmm hey, pebbel we need to talk.` he said avoiding eye contact.`why aint you looking at me ash, whats going on.` i said stressing out `i can look you in the eyes, it will hurt to much` he said looking down `what do you mean` i said getting furious `i cant.... well i just cant really be.... well i cant be friends with you anymore` he said now stepping back slowly. i stood there not knowing what to do. `uhhh...excuse me` i said kinda lost `i have new friends and well they dont like you so, yeah this friendship is over` he said still not looking at me `so your replacing me` i said calmly `uhmmm, im not even going to answer that` he said playing with hes hands `everything alright out there pabbel` zayn called out worried `yeah i will be in there soon, can you um make me somthing to eat, please` i said turning and smiling at him leaning against the door frame half naked `yeah sure` he said walking back inside, i walked outside of the dorm more closing the door behind me so they couldnt hear me inside. i turned back around to ash. `soo you just going to ditch me for some guys you just met` i asked `yeah, well not really, its uhmm well perrie and that...` he said looking up at me now, well me and perrie where like the best of bestfriends, we done eveything together, we shared everything, her family took me in for a while after my family kicked me out, then she just left out of the blue for a year then coming back to abuse me and tease me cause she became famous and shit.

`i cant fucking believe you` i said just standing there disapointed. ash put his head down `look at me now ashly` i said irritated, and thats when i lost it i just kept screaming and screaming and screaming.....



`you got a minuiet lou,i need to talk to you` zayn asked walking into the loungeroom `yeah whats going on?` i asked `not here, can we go into the kitchen and talk` he said quietly looking around at eveyone, niall was over thismorning, well hes over like every morning, he was sitting there with katie on the 2 seater lounge, you can so tell nialls like inlove with katie, the way he stares at her, they would be so cute,

zayn nodded towards the kitchen, causing me to get up and follow him in there, he stoped at the counter sitting down on a stool, `sit` he said patting the stool next to him, he looked so serious and scary. so i sat down next to him. `holy shit look at your eye` he said looking at my eye, `thats gonna bruise up really bad` i nooded in agreement. `whats going on` i said breaking the silence `i know eveyrthing` he said simply staring at me `huh, what do you mean?` i asked cluless, cause well i didnt know what he was talking about. `why did you hurt her like that, you knew she was fragile, your the reason shes here, why would you hurt her like that, you know she has reallly bad trust issues towards guys now` he said looking away, ohhhh holy shit he knows. `how do you know` i asked him `she told me all of it when i pulled her away into the room, shes really hurt louis` he asked now looking down, why isnt he dressed? eveyone is ready except him at pebbel. `why aint you ready for class, you like not even dressed` i asked `dont try and change the subject` he said now looking at me `i dont know what to say to her, i dont know how to apologise to her` i confessed looking down , `i have something to tell you louis` zayn said making me look up at him `i....` *bang* there was a huge thump `YOU FUCKING PRICK DONT YOU EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN, I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT YOU WHERE MY ONLY REAL FRIEND, YOU WHERE THE ONLY ONE I COULD TRUST THROUGHOUT ALL THESE YEARS, AND NOW YOU DITCHING ME FOR MY OLD BESTFRIEND, THE ONE THAT BACKSTABBED US, YOU KNOW WHY WHY DONT YOU JUST GO FUCK HER WHILE YOU AT IT LIKE YOU DID BACK IN THE DAY, AND YOU WANNA KNOW SOMETHING ASHLY` pebbel was screaming, we all ran out to the corridoor to see a huge circle around pebbel and ash or what ever hes name was, everyone was recording it laughing. me, zayn and harry squezzed our way through the people to see pebbel with blood all over her hands and ash on the floor with blood dripping from hes mouth and his eye brow split. `YOUR NEW BESTFRIEND PERRIE EDWARDS.... YEAH WELL WHEN YOU FUCKED HER BACK IN THE DAY, SHE WAS PERGNATE ASHLEY,WITH YOUR CHILD' everyone went quiet, ashley looked like hes eyes where going to pop out of hes eyes, i looked next to me to see zayn, he looked like he has just been shot, he looked so hurt.everyone looked over at perrie, she was just standing there looking like she was gonna cry, all of a sudden her and zayn made eye contact, holy crap.



how could she not tell me, she said i was her first, she lied to me, i cant do this.

i made eye contact with her. we just stood there, i didnt know what to do, everyone was quiet. `i... i` she started `save it perrie, im done` i said looking at her in discust then turning around walking away from her, away from everyone, i just want to leave and never come back.

`ZAYN, ZAYN, ZAYNNN!` i herd someone screaming behind me, i could hear foot steps, just before they could reach me i walked into my dorm slaming the door behind me.

i have to get ready. i walked into the bathroom stripping of my clothes while turning the water on, i stepped in, feeling a shock over my body, as a wave of hot water hit my naked body.

this is the only thing that helps me think. all of a sudden i herd the bathroom door open, `hello, whos in here` i herd someone say, i stepped out forgetting i was just in the shower, `holy shit` pebble turned around. wait what? `oh crap` i said a putting a towl around me feeling a bit embarresed.



i quickly walk away from everyone, trailing behind zayn. i think i hurt him, like really bad.

well i went inside and got dressed, im the type of girl that has showers at night before i go to bed, yeah well everyone left people where on their way to class and shit.

i was wearing light blue acid washed jeans with small rips on the knees with a singlet type thing, a long droopy grey cartigan on that just coverd my butt and a bit long at the sleves with my white supras.

i walked into the bathroom to put on my mascara, brush my teeth and do my hair and all that, i opend the door to hear the water running, are you serious i though i was the only one still here.

`hello, whos in here` i asked looking around, i turned around to see a naked zayn standing there, his hair wet and shaggy, water dripping down his face, his tattoos, his eyes where focused on me, holy shit his abbs and his v-line and... `holy shit` i said as i turned around, `oh crap` i herd zayn say behind me,`you can turn around now pebble, im half decent` he said with a hint of amusment in his voice. i spun around, and suddenly i was pressed up against his body, he smiled down at me, i just stood there numb, not knowing what to do.

all of a sudden i was pushed up against a wall with one of zayns arms beside my head and the other on my hip.

i was standing there not knowing what to do, he looked me in the eyes like he was searching for something, i had my arms hanging on each side of my body, slightly tenced.



she looked so beautiful, her eyes where an amzing blue matching her hair, her lips where so plump and pink, her body was an amazing shape, not too skinny not to fat it was curvy in all the right places, i pushed her up aganist the wall, resting a hand on her hip and the other against the wall, i was looking in her eyes for a signal, any signal, there it was, she bit her lip, i couldnt help it.

i want her, i need her, im going to have her, and louis isnt going to get in my way.




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