you changed me? now ima killer.

hi im pebble, they call me blaze, i was teased all my highschool life by the one and only louis tomlinson, cause i broke up with him, well he caught him cheating on me with my bestmate.
he changed me from the bright happy girl who wouldent hurt a fly,
to the killer that aint nothing but trouble.
my bestmate ash is my partner in crime, hes the only one i trust he got me off the streets him and hes dad showed me everything i know,
one day i blacked out and killed two teachers, all because of louis
i didnt mean to kill the techers they got in the way of the gun trying to protect louis.
me and ash went to juvy,
yeah what ever, then we where sent to boarding school,
and thats where i found louis again,
and hes mate zayn.....

yep there is a lot of swaring and shit so yeahh...


5. are you serious?

*pebbles POV*

he leaned in, shit shit shit shit, what do i do, oppp to late he was kissing me, with passion so much passion, he pulled away looking at me confused `why aint you kissing back? i thought you liked me?` he asked dissapointed.

`we uhm need to get to class` i said quickly getting out of his grip walkiging out of the room.

`what about your makeup and hair` he yelled out holdig my brush up and my mascara? `nah im all good` i said walking out and slaming the door behind me. what the fuck am i going to do about my hair. fuckkkkkkkk. wait i could pull of a massy bun, couldnt i? i ran to the bathroom down stairs, looking in the mirror, fuck i look like shit.

i flicked my hair over tossing and turning it inbetween my hair tie, then flipping my hair up looking into the mirro happy with my messy bun.

then all of a sudden i was pinned up against the wall by like three people, i closed my eyes in pain then slowly opeend them to see it was perrie and her little friends. `what the fuck do you want now` i growled trying to get put of the grip of the other 3 girls, perrie stood infront of me laughing, `your so pathedic thinking zayn will actually like you, he loves me` i sat there clueless, `uhmmm what did you just say?` `well you know secretes spread, just like you ittle crush on my boyfriend` she said with a stupid smirk on her face. `uhm hes not your boyfriend anymore hunny` i said shooting daggers into her head with my eyes.

yeah i just hit a nerve then, all of a sudden she punched me in the stoumach. `fuuuck!` i screamed out, thats it im not gonna be nice anymore. `oh and another thing..... he kissed me` again she punched me in the stoumach and i just laughed at her while the girls where still holding me up against the wall. `no he didnt you liar` she screamed at me. `wanna make a bet` i smiled at her. `he didnt` she said trying not to cry. `okay then, lunch ill go kiss him, and well see if he kisses back` i smirked at her. she started me down as she said `let her go` they let me go, she was still looking at me like she was gonna kill me but i dont care, i just smiled at her.

*bell goes*

`oh well, comeone, i have a bet to win` i said as i started walking out with the girls closly following me, we started getting glares and catching peoples attention, all of a sudden there was a big group of people behind me following every step i make.

and there he was, standing with the boys and louis, hmmmm why dont i kill two birds with one stone? yeah that sounds good.

i walked up and stood right infront of him, everyones attention was on me and him. `whats going o  kar---` i grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him, he snaked his hands around my waist and put more passion into the kiss. i pulled apart then winked at him before turning to the girls and perrie, it looked like she was going to cry, GOOD. `just so you know, im going to hunt yous all down one, by one.` everyone was laughing and ooooing at her. i smirked at her, turned on my heals, and walked away with all the boys and katie hot on my trail.

thats how its done.

`karlee...... what the fuck was that?` i herd someone yell, oh fuck what now harry.



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