All She Knows (One Direction FanFic)

Valarie Houston, 20 year old girl who never had true love but not with her past boyfriends but this specific guy who broke her heart.

Who is the special boy does Valarie still have feelings for the past 5 years?
Was he sorry and regretted leaving her?
Will she be with him or find someone else?
Read All She Knows To Find Out.
Copyright © 2013 KeepCalmAndLoveOreos All rights reserved

***Author's Note***

This is all fiction meaning none of this is real. I might use some places that are real but this story is all made up.
So rude, hate and nasty comments. Keep them to yourself and don't read this is your just going to hate okay?

Thank you.


1. Prologue



All I know was his love.... I never had experienced any real love with my past boyfriends but this one it felt real. But then he broke my heart, really bad. And why can't I move on? This hurts a lot and I don't know what is wrong with me. I still love a guy that broke my heart? You might think I'm crazy but you'll understand my story. This is my story.


*5 Years Ago*


"We need to talk" My boyfriend texted me. "Whats up babe? Something wrong?" I replied, then waited a few minutes for his reply. I heard my phone vibrated, and I began to tear up. My heart started falling apart into a million pieces, he just broke up with me. "W-what?" I whispered to myself, I kept rereading in case I was just dreaming but its true. I saw another text message from him, "I think it's better if we just stayed friends" He said. I tossed my phone across the room until it hit the wall, I began to cry my eyes out. "Honey, is everything alright up there?" I heard my mum behind my bedroom door.

I slowly opened my door to reveal my mother shocked when she saw me, she immediately wrapped herself around me and I cried on her shoulder. "Mum, why does bad things happen to me?" I asked her, she looked at me. "Baby, Don't think that. Now, tell me what happen" We both went downstairs and sat on the couch. "H-he bro-ke u-up with me" I managed to speak, Mum just held me tighter.

"No worries hun. He wasn't worth it, there's a lot of guys out there" She assured me then went into the kitchen. I thought to myself, I know that there is a lot of guys out there but this is my first real love. I mean of course i've dated other guys before him but this one, it just felt real and strong.

My mum came back with some London tea and some ice cream, I've got to say she is the greatest mum I ever had. We began to watch movies, chit chat to keep my mind off from what happen this morning. "It's 11 o'clock, you need some rest" My mom shook me, I nodded. "Night mum" I said as I went towards the stairs. "Night sweetie" She replied then head to the kitchen. I went to my bedroom and plopped myself onto my bed.

"I can't take this anymore" I whispered and got up. I walked in the bathroom and opened my first aid kit, I looked through the containers until I found it, my blade. I sat in the corner staring at my sharp blade. I never had done this and I see my friends do it with they were sad, they said it felt... good. I always attempted to cut myself but I'd chicken out, this time I will do it. I held the blade against my wrist, I shut my eyes tightly and began to slowly cut myself. I opened my eyes to see blood dripping a bit.

I stared at it for a moment, and cut a few times. This actually helped me, I weakly smiled to myself and got up to wash my wrist. I hid the blade in my drawer and slowly went under my blankets. I kept thinking about those memories I had with him. Why did he do it? After all we been through and he breaks up with me?

A few minutes later, I began to cry until I fell asleep with my mind still full of questions.




Short Prologue :))))


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