All She Knows (One Direction FanFic)

Valarie Houston, 20 year old girl who never had true love but not with her past boyfriends but this specific guy who broke her heart.

Who is the special boy does Valarie still have feelings for the past 5 years?
Was he sorry and regretted leaving her?
Will she be with him or find someone else?
Read All She Knows To Find Out.
Copyright © 2013 KeepCalmAndLoveOreos All rights reserved

***Author's Note***

This is all fiction meaning none of this is real. I might use some places that are real but this story is all made up.
So rude, hate and nasty comments. Keep them to yourself and don't read this is your just going to hate okay?

Thank you.


5. Chapter 4 Remembering You

*Chapter 4*


Remembering You


**Valarie's Point Of View**


"Zayn?" I groaned, he came closer. "Are you okay?" He asked, he grabbed my hand.

"I'm fine, can I talk to Zayn alone?" I asked, they all nodded and left leaving me and Zayn alone.

"Zayn... Back in Bradford..." I started, he cried more. "I remember everything now... You..." I started again, he sobbed more.

"Valarie, I'm so sorry. It was my fault" he put his head in his hands. "Zayn it wasn't your fault... You tried to protect me, not hurt me" I hugged him. "I failed to do what I had promised" e started.


*Flash back*

**4 years ago**


"Zayn! Where are we going?" I giggled, today was our anniversary! Not what you think, we're best friends and we have been bet friends for 2 years already. "It's a surprise" he said. We began to walk more and it was getting dark, he held me tight as we past through the trees.

"Close your eyes" he instructed me, I looked at him. "You trust me don't you?" He smiled showing his pearly whites. "Of course" I replied, he took out a blindfold and covered my eyes wit it. "You better not make me run into something Zayn" I walked slowly with him guiding me in the front. "No worries" he said then I hear the ocean.

"Take out the blindfold" he said, I did as told to reveal a beautiful lake under the stars. "Oh my god... It's beautiful" I hugged Zayn tightly. "I know, that's why I chose this place to celebrate our friendship" he led me to a dock that had a picnic basket and a blanket.

We ate, chatted and laughed. Tonight was the greatest day of my life, I'm so glad I met this boy. "It's late, we better was back" he helped me up, he grabbed the basket the stuffed the blanket inside. We began walking back, he had his arm around my waist ad I had my head on his shoulder. I'd like to stay like this forever.

We were just about to cross the street, Zayn walked quickly trying to catch the cab but didn't notice the big truck. "Zayn!" I yelled and pushed him aside then everything went black.


**End Of Flashback**


Zayn... Was my best friend that I saved and sacrificed myself to save him. "I should've had seen the truck, then this wouldn't had happen" he blamed himself. "Zayn, it wasn't your fault. I wanted to save you because you meant the world to me. You helped me, and you were always there for me" he rubbed his back, he looked up at me.

"What made you remember about that?" He asked curiously, I sighed. "7 minutes of heaven and a dream that I think was actually a memory" I explained, he scratched his head. "7 minutes of heaven? When we kissed?" He asked confused, I just nodded. "Uhm...." He started thinking, I thing I knew what he was thinking. "You kissed me at the hospital..." I mumbled, but he heard. "You were asleep..." He said shocked.

"I was half asleep, I heard you and the doctor talking. Then I heard you promise you would protect me and that you love me..." I said, he blushed. "You don't have to be embarrassed" I laughed. "Why is that?" He asked, I kissed his cheek. "Best friends of course" I said, I stood up and lost my vision for a second.


**Zayn's Point Of View**


"I was half asleep, I heard you and the doctor talking. Then I heard you promise you would protect me and that you love me..." She said then I felt my cheeks burn red, now she knows how I had truly felt about her and I still have those feelings now.

"You don't have to be embarrassed" she laughed, I felt my cheeks burn more. "Why is that?" I asked, she smiled. "Best friends of course" he said, the I felt something sharp hit my heart, she doesn't know that I actually meant it... She stood up. "Help me down?" She asked as he pointed to the stairs, I stood up and carried her bridal style, I put her down on the couch where everyone else was. "So what happened?" Louis wiggled his eyes, I rolled my eyes.

"Oh uh... I just remembered something from my past that Zayn was involved" she looked at me,my cheeks burned red again. Really? Again? "What was it about?" Liam asked,then me and Valarie explained what happen. Everyone gasped. "How did you guys get separated?" Niall asked confused, I sighed then Valarie looked at me. "Yeah, how did we get separated?" She also asked.

"When Daniel came, he asked what you remembered last which was when... Someone asked you out and that's when we didn't met yet..." I said quietly, that actually hurts me. Valarie hugged me.

"Who was the someone?" Louis asked tilting his head told the side then I turned to Valarie who was kinda tearing up. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean too..." Lou started but Valarie cut him off. "It's fine... I should really tell you guys" she sniffed, I held her in my arms. "Are you sure love?" I asked worried, she nodded.

"It started 5 years ago... This guy asked me out, he was a jock and I never knew he'd notice me, I really liked him. I said yes and we went out. A year later, that's when I met Zayn, he became my best friend" Valarie started, she looked at me, I nodded.

"She told me that she was really happy with him and that she found the right one..." I said, saying those hurts since u had those feelings but I didn't show any emotions. "A year later, he broke up with her... No explanation, no reason just left her like she was worthless" I continued and I noticed that she tried holding her tears in.

Everyone group hugged Valarie then I heard her giggled. "You feeling okay love?" Harry asked, we all released Val. "Yeah. It's nice to have great friends with you" she smiled.


**Valarie's Point Of View**


The rest of the day, we just hanged out, got to know each other a bit more. Carmela and Harry got close, if you know what I mean. Megan got close to all of the boys, and I noticed she tried flirting with Niall but he wasn't interested which was a bit sad. While the guys and the girls got to know each other, Me and Zayn decided to catch up on things. I learned that he has tattoos which I was pretty amazed and other stuff.

He had changed a lot when I last saw him which was 5 years ago, I can't believe he had made it big like he dreamt.

I also learned that he has a girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. She is also in a band call Little mix. I've got to admit she was pretty, talented and amazing! He's lucky to have her. Wait... What is this I'm feeling in me? No, no. I can't be... jealous... I still love him... I don't know why... No jealous... maybe?



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