All She Knows (One Direction FanFic)

Valarie Houston, 20 year old girl who never had true love but not with her past boyfriends but this specific guy who broke her heart.

Who is the special boy does Valarie still have feelings for the past 5 years?
Was he sorry and regretted leaving her?
Will she be with him or find someone else?
Read All She Knows To Find Out.
Copyright © 2013 KeepCalmAndLoveOreos All rights reserved

***Author's Note***

This is all fiction meaning none of this is real. I might use some places that are real but this story is all made up.
So rude, hate and nasty comments. Keep them to yourself and don't read this is your just going to hate okay?

Thank you.


4. Chapter 3 Spin The Bottle

*Chapter 3*



Spin The Bottle



**Valarie's Point Of View**


"Hungry Val?" Megan asked as she cooked dinner. "Yeah, what are we eating?" I walked into the kitchen, smelling the nice smell of pasta boiling. "Spaghetti with meatballs" She replied, she continued to cook. "Where's Carmela?" I sat down on the dinner table while on my phone. "Upstairs probably wondering what to wear tomorrow" She chuckled, I stood up and went upstairs to Carmela's door, and I heard her groaning.

I opened the door and see her struggling on what to wear. "Calm down Carmela, we're just meeting guys" I laughed and sat down on her bed. "How can I calm down?! We're meeting One Direction" She continued to throw clothes everywhere, some hit my face. "Well, just be yourself. Just treat them as regular lads" I said, she sighed and sat next to me. "Okay but do you think they'll like this one though" She held out a pink crop top that said "Live. Laugh. Love" in black along with some white ripped skinny jeans.

"That's perfect, see. It wasn't that bad choosing a outfit now was it?" I teased, then she layed on her bed. "Yes it was" She muffled on her bed sheet. "Dinner is ready!" Megan yelled, maybe from the kitchen. I grabbed Carmela's arm and ran downstairs with her behind my tail.

"Find a good outfit?" Megan smirked, Carmela just laughed loud. "Actually yes I do" she sat down at the diner table. "Is it something like that One Direction shirt I bought you?" She teased. "Actually it's a cute outfit that I picked out" I sat next to Carmela smiling.

After eating dinner, we all sat on the L shaped couch in the living room. "Want to play truth or dare?" Megan suggested, me and Carmela agreed. We grabbed a bottle and sat in a triangle.

I spinner that bottle and it landed on Carmela. "Truth or dare?" I smiled evilly. "Your dares are always gross so truth!" Carmela said, I know what I just ask. "Who's your crush in One Direction?" I smiled, she blushed as a tomato.

"All of them, I can't decide" she said. "Choose one" I singed, she began thinking. "I guess Harry" she admitted.

"Okay spin the bottle" Megan instructed. Carmela spinned the bottle then it landed on me, oh boy something tells me payback.

"Carmela, It better not be gross. Your just lucky I didn't ask which one you'd like to make babies with" I warned her, she puts her hands up. "No worries, truth or dare" she asked. "Dare" I said with confidence, then I notice her smirked. "I dare you to flirt with one of the boys" she laughed along with Megan, I stood up. "Oh hell no" I'm not flirting with any of the boys, not from what happen 5 years ago.

"Oh come on, it's just a dare" Megan said in between laughs, she just lucky she hasn't been picked yet. "Fine" I mumbled, we continued to play and I found out that Megan has a crush on Niall, matchmaker? Haha.

"I'm heading to bed, night" I said, I heard their nights and I head to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and dressed into some sweats, and decided to sleep topless. No worries I'm wearing a bra, maybe. I'm joking.

I plopped onto my bed and thought about what's going to happen tomorrow. I can believe Carmela dared me to flirt with one of them, I mean I just met them and she tells me to flirt? I don't flirt, ad I still can't move on from what happen. I thought we had something special.

Anyways, that Zayn guy.... He looks oddly familiar... I know they're from One Direction but I feel like that I know him or something.

I shook of the feeling and drifted off to sleep.

"Valarie, why don't you remember me?" I heard a voice somewhere from a distance.

"What do you mean remember you?" I asked confused, still trying see through the dark.

"You'll understand soon" he said then I noticed it was Zayn.

"Zayn? Is that you?" I yelled, he began to drift away.

"Wait! I do remember..." I whispered.

I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Zayn... I remember now...

I looked t the clock, it was 5 am. Only 7 more hours until we have to meet up wit them. I got up from my bed and looked at myself in the mirror.

My waist length brunette hair straight, my hazel eyes and my tan face.

I sighed and head to the showers, I stripped my clothes off and hopped into the shower, letting the warm water hit my skin.

I kept thinking of that dream... Why only now I had that dream? Something that didn't included me crying... I think it's a sign or just something dumb. Not like he has the same dream right?


**Zayn's Point Of View**

*Minutes Earlier*


"Valarie, why don't you remember me?" I cried, where am I?

"What do you mean remember you?" I heard a female voice, Valarie.

"You'll understand soon" I cried more, I start to see her face that made me cry more.

"Zayn? Is that you?" She said, I noticed she started fading, or me...

"Wait! I do..." That was the last thing I heard.

"Zayn!" I heard a voice by my side, I instantly woke up and looked around. I saw the lads all surrounding me, looking worried.

"Lad, why are you crying?" Liam asked, I touched my face, it was wet. I wiped my face and remember what I had dreamt.

"Just a bad dream" I mumbled, they all sighed. "Do you want to talk about it?" Niall asked, I shook my head. "I'll tell you guys later" I said, they nodded and exited my room.

I thought about the dream, could it be her? Maybe it's not her. There's more Valarie's out there right? There is no way I could have saw her.

I stood up and noticed it was just 5 in the morning, wow that's rare to see me up this early. I went downstairs not bothering putting on a shirt. The first thing I see was Louis and Harry cuddling on the couch, oh Larry. I went to the kitchen to see Niall waiting for Liam to cook.

"Wow your up, I thought you were going back to sleep" Liam chuckled an turned back to the stove. "Yeah, I'm not tired" I sat next to Niall and went on twitter. I noticed our fans are wondering who won, won what? Oh yeah that contest end today. "The contest ends today, we got choose a winner" I said, Liam sighed. "Out of millions of videos, this could take a while" Niall sighed also the later we are joined by Harry and Louis.

"Morning" they both yawned then their eyes widened when they saw me. "What?" I asked confused, they pointed at me. "Your up already?! And it's only 6!" Louis said in shock while Harry's mouth was just open. "Yeah? And Harry close your mouth, you'll catch flies" I joked.

"So who should win our tickets and backstage passes?" Liam asked Louis and Harry, Louis smile wide. "How about Valarie or her friends? They are really good and I can't decide between all of them" he said.

"Oh yeah... Shall we vote?" Liam suggested.


**Valarie's Point Of View**


"This is good" I mumbled as I shoved some pancakes into my mouth. Megan chuckled, Carmela finally decided to come down and eat. "Morning guys" she yawned and sat next to me with her eyes nearly closed. "Aren't you excited to meet One Direction?" I teased, she just stayed there.

"Well, I was last night and I couldn't sleep and I regret that. I'm too tired" she explained and rubbed her eyes, me and Megan laughed. "Well, eat up so we can get ready" Megan said, Carmela began to eat.

Later after cleaning dishes, it was already 8 and we have 4 more hours to spare. "Where's Carmela?" Megan asked as she opened my bedroom door. "In her room getting ready" I laughed at that thought. "Are going to get ready?" She asked, I nodded. "We have 4 hours to spare and I don't take long to get dressed" I joked, she just nodded and left.

I decided to check on twitter, I haven't checked for a while. Holy shiz, 159k followers!? Last time I checked I only had about 8 thousand. I looked at the mentions, most of them were pictures of me and the boys at the shop. And one of them caught my eyes, a picture of me and Zayn staring into each others eyes then the caption was "Zayn's new girlfriend @ValarieHoustonX, what happen to Perrie @ZaynMalik"

Okay, this is just weird so I decided to tweet about that. "For those who thinks I'm dating @ZaynMalik, we are just friends okay?" Tweet. Later after retweets and favorites later, I started getting hate.

@1DAreMyHusbands @ValarieHoustonX who would ever love you anyways whore.

@ZaynMaliksWifey Zayn's mine, back off bitch.

And many more, I laughed at this. Really? After what I just said,they still hate. I really don't get why they hate, it leads to nothing well sometimes nothing. Then Zayn mentioned me I a tweet.

"Stop hating on @ValarieHoustonX we are just friends okay?" I smiled, thank you for confirming that we aren't dating!

It was already 10 pm and I decided to get ready. Since I showered early in the morning, I changed into black skinny jeans, a blue crop top that said "Keep calm and live your dream", my TOMS with no socks and my hair into a messy bun. I looked at myself I the mirror feeling satisfied with my look.

There's no one I impress to why dress nice? They are just guys anyways.

I went downstairs and see Megan and Carmela dressed into the pink crop top that said "Live. Love. Laugh" in black along with some white ripped skinny jeans and her hair in lose curls. The Megan in a tab flowy shirt, short shorts, converse and we hair straightened.

"So we're all dressed and yet, we have about..." I looked at my phone. "An hour to spare" I laughed. Megan shrugged, "Weird" then my phone vibrated. I looked at the screen and smiled.

•From Louis aka Sexy Beast

Hey love, what's your address? There's girls at the store so we'll pick you birds up xx

•To Louis aka Sexy Beast

1854 Holly Street (A/N Made up okay? Also the twitter usernames... Idk if they are used so yeah....) 

And really Lou? Sexy Beast?

•From Louis aka Sexy Beast

Yeah really and I am one love. Be there in 10

"The guys are coming in 10" I told the girls, they nodded.

Knock, knock! I heard the door. "Come in" I yelled then five guys came into the house. "Nice mansion?" Niall said in a question. "Thank you" Megan laughed, aww they are so cute!

"We have a slight problem" Liam chuckled, I looked at him confused. He opened the curtains to reveal a mob of screaming girls, how could I have not heard them?

"So we can't go anywhere" Harry added, I sighed. "I guess we can hang out here" Carmela smiled. "Oh yeah, this is Carmela and Megan" I said, they greeted each other. Harry and Carmela started flirting, Megan was talking to Niall and Liam then Harry and Louis was arguing who knows what then there's me and Zayn on the couch.

"So..." I said awkwardly, he shrugged. "Why wont we get to know each other" he suggested. " sure, what do you want to know?" I asked, he began to think. "What part of The UK did you came from?" He asked. "Bradford" I simply said, he smiled. "Same here" he showed his pearly whites.

After getting to know each other. I think I remember something... Something 5 years ago... It could be something stupid but eh.

"What should we do?" Louis groaned. "7 minutes of heaven?" Harry wiggled his eyes, we all agreed except me and Zayn. "You guys no fun" Megan pouted, I rolled my eyes at her childness. "Fine then, you in Zayn?" I asked him. "Sure" he said then we started playing. The bottle first pointed to Niall, Harry pushed him to the closet then Megan had to go.

"Megan would be blushing like a tomato when she comes out" Carmela laughed silently. "Why is that?" Louis smirked. "She likes Niall" I admitted it, they looked at each other like they were sending secret messages to each other.

7 minutes later, "you guys can come out now!" Louis yelled then Niall and Megan came out with their hair a bit mess.

"Had fun in there?" Liam laughed along the rest of us. "Blah blah blah, someone just spin the bottle" Megan complained. Carmela spinned the bottle ad it landed on me, oh boy.

"Adios Val" Louis smirked, I groaned and went into the closet. Later I was joined by somebody. Then lips were joined into mines, it stays like that until we need to grasp for air.

Something came flooding back to me,then I fell. "Valarie, are you okay?" I think I heard Zayn's voice. I just groaned in pain, I see bright red an blue lights. I heard the closet door open then a few yells. "Hey! 7 minutes isn't up yet!" I heard a voice. "She fainted!" I heard another yell.

"Will she be okay?" I heard an unknown voice. "She will be okay but there might be some problems. She may lose some memories and might not gain in it back" I think I heard a doctor.

"Thanks doc" I heard a guys voice, it sounded like he was crying. "I promise, I'll protect you... I love you..." I heard him whisper.

I woke up to see I was on a bed, Everyone sitting down and had tears in their eyes. It was just a dream.

"Are you okay?" I heard a familiar cry, I turned to Zayn. Could it be?



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