All She Knows (One Direction FanFic)

Valarie Houston, 20 year old girl who never had true love but not with her past boyfriends but this specific guy who broke her heart.

Who is the special boy does Valarie still have feelings for the past 5 years?
Was he sorry and regretted leaving her?
Will she be with him or find someone else?
Read All She Knows To Find Out.
Copyright © 2013 KeepCalmAndLoveOreos All rights reserved

***Author's Note***

This is all fiction meaning none of this is real. I might use some places that are real but this story is all made up.
So rude, hate and nasty comments. Keep them to yourself and don't read this is your just going to hate okay?

Thank you.


3. Chapter 2 Let's Meet Up

*Chapter 2*


Let's Meet Up


**Valarie's Point of view**


Okay, I just posted it and I already had a few hundred views and they are already commenting! Mostly good, some hate saying that I won't win. Ha, like they have a chance, they are just jealous of my talent. I don't really care about hate, haters gon hate. I smiled then closed my laptop and went into the kitchen for something to eat. I opened the fridge to see it pretty empty, all it had was some drinks. Looks like i'm going shopping for some food.

"Megan! I'm going out to buy some groceries, be back in an hour!" I yelled from the bottom of the stair case, then I saw Carmela running down towards me. "Hey, can you buy me something?" She smiled. "Sure?" I looked at her weirdly. "Uh... you know that little shop by the food store?" She smiled weirder, what the hell is she thinking? "Yeah? What you want me to buy you posters and shirts of One Direction" I joked but she looked at the ground, is she serious?!

"You want me to, don't you" I groaned, I guess it's for the concert? If we win I guess... "Yeah.... please?!" She practically begged. "Okay, if we win. We can all go shopping there, but just for the record, I'm not wearing those shirts. I can buy you a few posters? If it will make you happy" I suggested then she hugged me. "Thank you, thank you, thank you" She said as she hugged me real tight.

"Okay, let go of me freak" I joked, then released me and head back upstairs. Looks like I'm going grocery and poster shopping. Luckily, the shops were a few minutes away from here so lucky for me since I don't own a car just yet. I know a 20 year old girl who doesn't have a car yet is weird but I'm actually pretty poor. My dad stopped working ever since mum died, he just stays home in his room feeling sorry while his son Daniel is helping him. Daniel is my brother, he's 18 and just finished high school. He was planning to move in with his girlfriend until dad gets his own job to help.

As I walked, I looked around my surroundings and compared them I usually see back in London. It was a beautiful sight, there was a huge beach near by, a lot of people walking around just like London but the accents are really different and pretty amazing. I wonder what is like to have those American accents.

Anyways, as I walked, I noticed a lot of girls in the little store that Carmela was talking about. Maybe I could go later when it's now full... But I'd be carrying food with me... So I think it's good to go in now? I approached the crowded store and only see one worker there and a few boys. I managed to reach for the front and the worker looked at me, then quickly opened the door, grabbed me in and close it before the other girls got in. "Uh... Hi?" I said awkwardly. "Hey, I notice that I guess your bit a fan of these guys. And I guess your not from here are you?" An American guy you seems to work here said to me. "Uh... Yeah. I only came here to buy a few posters for a friend" I smiled, then he smiled. "By the way, I'm Zachary, the manager here and I need some help with these guys. Do you mind working here?" Zachary asked. I did need a few money and need a job... "Of course, and may I work here?" I asked, then he hugged me. "Of course, I'd be happy to hire you" he smiled then brought me the room behind the cash register. "Here's your uniforms" he handed me some uniforms.

"It's okay if your starting today until..." He looked at his watch. "8 pm?" He looked back at me. I could spare some time, and maybe earn some cash. "That's great" I said, he left somewhere then I put on a shirt since I was only wearing a tank top and my leather jacket. I went behind the cash register and Zachary approached me.

"You know how to do this right?" He pointed out to the register. "Of course, back in London I worked at a coffee shop as a waitress and cashier" I explained. "That's great, these guys are famous so treat them well. You can open the doors in the front after they secretly leave in the back. You know where the back is?" Zachary asked, as he went to fetch an id tag for me. "Of course" I nodded

"Okay, I'll be in the back, the storage room to handle my orders. You just stay here and maybe take care of these boxes, put them on the racks. You should know where goes where then help the guys out if they need it" he instructed me then left to the storage room. Okay, now I'm alone with celebrities that might be selfish but... how bad could they be?

I went to go a box that was on the floor behind the cash register and opened them. This were the see through clothes so I went to the girls section. I got to admit, this place was pretty huge for a small shop. I placed them on the racks and noticed a head then ran off to the other direction. Okay that was just weird... I continued to do the rest of the boxes until I bumped into a guy with really curly hair.

"Hello love" he said in a flirty way, hm... I'm guessing this is Harry styles the flirt. I guess learning about One Direction has really payed off from Carmela but I still get confused with their names a bit. "Hey, need some help there Styles?" I said in a flirty tone as well. "I see you are from Britain as well and quite the flirt" he winked, I scoffed. "Oh please, I was just playing around. Do you need some help there?" I asked again as I pointed at the clothes he was holding and some braces aka suspenders. "Oh no thanks, just holding them for a friend. And I think one of my mates needed some help looking for something..." He looked around then another lad came from our left looking a bit lost. I think this is rather Liam Payne or Louis Tomlinson. "Harry, where is... Oh finally I found a worker who can help me!" He exclaimed then grabbed my arm. "Don't you mean I finally found a worker" Harry grabbed my other arm. "Lads, I'm not the last taco on the plate. Please let go of me so I can help the both of you." I said, then they released me. "British I see and actually there's 5 of us that needs help love" he said. "Oh and I'm Louis" he added then he hugged me, okay perky much?

"Okay, Louis, what do you need help with?" I asked then he started thinking. "Do you have these in a medium size?" He lifted up a large plain read shirt. "Uh... Hold on, let me check in the back" I grabbed the shirt and head for the storage to see Zachary on his phone. "Hey, do you have these in a medium?" I asked him, he looked up. "Uh... Yeah. I bunch of them came just now. Be right back" he stood up and went out the back door to a huge van. I waited a few minutes.


**Louis' Point of view**


"Hey Harry, don't you think she looks familiar?" I asked Harry as he put down the clothes I handed him on the table by the cash register. "Yeah... Where did we seen her before?" He began thinking then Liam came. "Hey, where's Zayn and Niall?" He asked as he out down 2 shirts by our messy pile. "Uh... I think over there" I pointed to the guys that were walking towards us. "Hey, do you guys know where the hoodies are!? I can't find a single one in this place" Niall complained along with Zayn. "I think they have boxes of them in the back, that girl who works here might be coming back soon" I said then turned around to the register.

Later, that beautiful worker who worked here came with 2 boxes. "Need help there?" I asked then she set them down on the table, and were blocking her face. "Nope, and here you go" she smiled and handed me that shirt I wanted. "Thank you love and might I ask, what's your name?" Harry asked as she came by my side. "I'm Valarie" she smiled then it hit me. "You!" I accidentally yelled, she got startled. "Excuse me?" She was confused. "Oh sorry about that love, Lou you shouldn't be screaming like that" Liam said then grabbed my arm. "But wait! Doesn't she look familiar to you?!" I said then pointed at Valarie. "Hm... I don't even think we've met" Valarie said then Liam started examining her. "Oh yeah... Your that girl who entered our contest" Niall said behind us. "See!" I rubbed it into Liam's face. "Wait, how did you guys know I entered? I just submitted it a few hours ago..." She said then I cut her off.

"Love, we watch them every time when someone enters it. And we kept watching yours over and over again. your amazing!" I said, she blushed and looked down at the floor. "Thanks... And oh, I heard you guys were looking for hoodies so I brought them out too" she opened a box full of hoodies in it. "Thank you" Niall said, Valarie handed him one then to Zayn. They looked at each other for a while then Valarie looked away. "So you guys done with everything now?" She said nervously. "Uh... Yeah, how much?" Liam asked, she started scanning everything. "That would be.... 72.84" she said, I handed her 80. "Keep the change" I smiled, she smiled weakly.

"Hey, we should keep in touch" Harry suggested. "That's a great idea! We can exchange phone numbers" I agreed. "Why not" she smiled, we all entered our phone numbers in her phone except Zayn... So I did it for him. "Just text us if you want to talk" I said before we left. "Okay thanks and bye" she said then we left. Zayn was pretty quiet throughout the whole time. "You okay there lad? You feeling okay?" Liam asked and comforted him. "Uh... Yeah" he continued to stare out the window, thinking. "What are you thinking about?" I smiled and wiggling my eyebrows. "Lou, cut it out. I'm not thinking about anything" he snapped, I'm surprised. He never snaps at anyone unless he's upset about something. I can tell he likes the Valarie chick but what about Perrie?


**Valarie's Point of view**


"Hey Zach, i'm done with those guys and pretty much most of the fandom out there is gone. But only a few stayed to buy" I said as he grabbed the last box into the storage. "Okay, thanks for helping out. Oh and you don't work on Fridays to Sundays" He told me, that's a good thing since that concert that Carmela won't shut up about Friday. "No problem, want me to help out close up?" I offered but he shook his head. "No no, I can. You helped too much already. Enjoy the rest of America" He smiled, I smiled back. "Oh and can I purchase some of those over there?" I pointed at the One Direction posters.

"How much?" He walked up behind the register. "Hm... Only 3" I grabbed 3 posters then put it on the table. "5.99" He told me, I handed him 6 American money. I grabbed the bags and headed to the grocery shop. I bought a lot of food since all of us were fat, and I do love my food. After buying all the food, I began walking struggling a bit.

I finally reached home, I opened the door and saw Carmela and Megan on the couch watching. "What took you so long, you just had to buy food" Megan said as she stood up to help me. "And my posters" She grabbed the posters and opened them. "Well, I got a job at the shop where I bought those posters and ran into some new friends..." I said, could I trust them?

"You got a job already? That's surprising and we just got here" Megan chuckled. "And who's your new friends" Carmela asked as she was still admiring the posters I bought. "Uh... One Direction" I mumbled. "Whats that Val?" Megan said. "One Direction..." I mumbled a bit louder.

"Valarie! Speak louder!" Carmela yelled. "Sorry, One Direction" I said normally then they started laughing. "One Direction?! Ooh, I met Bruno Mars earlier" Megan joked. "I can prove it" I said, I got out my phone to text Louis.

"Hey Lou, want to face time? My friends don't believe me that I met you guys" I text Lou then I looked back to Carmela and Megan who are still laughing. "Oh course, I'll get the other guys" He texted back. I clicked face time and it was connecting.

"Hey love" They all said and that's when Megan and Carmela stopped laughing and looked at the screen. "Hm... Valarie... Are you joking?" Carmela whispered into my ears. "Nope" I popped the "p". "Hey loves, what's your guys name?" Harry asked Megan and Carmela. "I'm Megan and that's Carmela" Megan introduced herself and Carmela. "Oh my god" She kept mouthing and started fan girling silently in the kitchen.

"Hey, want to meet up tomorrow? We can get to know each other and be best friends!" Louis asked. "Yeah we should and we don't have any recordings tomorrow anyways" Liam added as he walked behind Harry. "That's great, we can meet up by the shop where we met" I smiled. "Okay, see you there at... noon love" Harry winked. We said our goodbyes then I ended it.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you met One Direction!" Carmela yelled. "Calm down,  you guys are meeting them tomorrow" I chuckled as she started to fan girl more.

Then I just remembered something, Zayn looks like someone that I once knew... Maybe I'm just seeing things or something... It couldn't be him maybe?



Early update x3 haha. anyways hope you guys enjoy it ;3

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