All She Knows (One Direction FanFic)

Valarie Houston, 20 year old girl who never had true love but not with her past boyfriends but this specific guy who broke her heart.

Who is the special boy does Valarie still have feelings for the past 5 years?
Was he sorry and regretted leaving her?
Will she be with him or find someone else?
Read All She Knows To Find Out.
Copyright © 2013 KeepCalmAndLoveOreos All rights reserved

***Author's Note***

This is all fiction meaning none of this is real. I might use some places that are real but this story is all made up.
So rude, hate and nasty comments. Keep them to yourself and don't read this is your just going to hate okay?

Thank you.


2. Chapter 1 Flying To America And Contest

*Chapter 1*



Flying To America And Contest





"Valarie" I heard his voice, I turned around to see him standing with roses in his hands.

"Valarie, I still love you" He said as he began to come closer.

"I love you too" I began to tear, I tried walking but I was stuck. I looked down at my feet then back to him, he began to fade away. "No! Please! Don't leave me again!" I yelled, tears started streaming down my face.

"Valarie" I heard his voice. "Valarie" I now heard a female voice.

"Valarie! Wake up" And that when I felt something hit my head. I shot up and noticed that it was just a dream. I looked at my door and see my best friend standing holding a pillow on her left hand and a box. "Finally, you're awake. I've been trying to wake you up for..." She looked at her watch. "5 minutes" She looked back at me.

"Sorry Megan, I just had another dumb dream" I shook the thought out of my head, her smile turned into a frown. "Awwuh babe, you know you should have moved on about 4 years ago" She sat next me, I buried my head into my hands. "I know... its just hard. I've seen him everywhere" I whispered, she nodded understanding what I had meant. I keep seeing things, everywhere I go, I'd always see him. I don't know why but... I just see him.

"Get packing, we're leavings in about 2 hours" I looked at the clock, it was 6:00 am in the morning. I stood up and went into the shower. I stripped my clothes off and hopped into the shower, I opened the hot water and relaxed as it hit my skin. About 30 minutes later, I turned off the water, wrapped myself with a towel and changed into the clothes I set out. I changed into short jean shorts, lace flowy top, my black and white supras and a leather jacket.

I began to pack what I had left which was my laptop, chargers and some clothes. I began to pack whats left into a luggage.

Today was the day me and Megan are going to live in America, we had planned this trip for almost 3 years! We both wanted to see how was it like in America since it we want to fly all over the world. "Val?" I heard Megan's voice behind me, I turned around to see her holding my phone. "Yes? And why do you have my phone?" My eyes widened. "Oh, uh I found it in the couch?" She said in more like a question. I snatched my phone and looked at the screen, she was looking through my old photos. "Why did you look through them?" I asked, I started tearing up when I saw that picture that hurts me the most. "I just found it like that... And I noticed that you looked really happy with him..." She explained, I sighed.

We continued to pack until it was 6:45 am. "Ready to leave UK?" Megan asked as we both put our last luggage into the van. I took one last glance of our house then entered into the car. "I'll sure miss this place" I smiled then we were off to the airport.


*Time skip* *At the airport*


"Flight 26 to California, United States is now boarding" I heard a voice from up above, I stood up along with Megan and board our flight. Goodbye London. I sat down and Megan was in front of me, later a man sat next to me. "Excuse me love but can I switch sits with you?" I heard a guy next to Megan said to me. "Uh..." I looked at Megan who had puppy face. "Sure" I stood up, he climbed to the seat I was in then I sat next to Megan. "What was that for?" I ask. "I'm lonely" she fake cried, I hugged her. Later, I put my headphones in and drift off to a dreamless deep sleep.

"Hey Valarie, we're here" Someone shook me, my eyes fluttered opened and looked around. Everyone was getting up and getting the luggage. I stretched and yawned before I grab my suitcases then exited with Megan. We both got into a taxi and into our new home in California.

Once we got to the new house, I was really surprised. It's huge! "Why'd you buy a big house? Isn't it just the two of us?" I asked Megan with a confused look. "Uh... Actually 3..." She said silently but I heard her. "Oh? Who is she?" I smiled. "Carmela" she said, I smiled. "Yeah buddy!" I fist pumped into the air. "She was our third best friend, she moved to Nevada. It I guess she will be living with us now!

An hour later, I heard a knock on the door. "I'll get it" I told Megan as she continued to unpack our furniture, I opened the door to reveal a my best friend. "Carmela!" I shrieked and bear hugged her. "Valarie!" She shrieked as well and hugged me back. We both let go and I took a look at her.

She has hazel eyes, black waist length hair, she was pretty tall and has a tattoo of a bird behind her arm. "Look at you, you look so different" I said, she laughed. "That's funny, I could've said the same to you" she smiled and entered inside the house with her luggage. "Hey Carmela" Megan and Carmela hugged. "Hey Meg, how is Jordan?" She asked Megan, Jordan is Megan's boyfriend. She wanted to surprised him here. "Great! And I'm going to surprise him,  he doesn't know I'm here" Megan winked, we all laughed. "Come on, these boxes and luggage won't unpack itself.

"I'll be in my room if you guys need me" I said as I went upstairs, then I heard footsteps behind me, it was Carmela. "Hey, where's my room?" She scratched behind her neck, I chuckled. "Right next to mine, follow me" I gestured her to follow. We walked through the hallway. My room was the first door to the left, Carmela's room was next to mine then there's Megan's room which is right across me.

"Here you go, just knock if you need anything" I said, she nodded and I entered to my room. I took a nice look at it, it was just how I imaged it. It had a nice blue paint coat and the rims were white, I'm just lucky that each room had it's own bathrooms and one downstairs. After unpacking, my room looked really nice, I head downstairs to see everything placed. "How does it look?" Megan asked as she walked in from the kitchen.

"It's awesome! I can't believe this happen" I said, she laughed then I heard Carmela. "Oh my god! Can we please go to that concert this Friday?!" She looked up from her phone and had a huge smile. "What concert?" Megan asked. "One Direction, duh. Can we please go?!" She started begging. "I don't know... and we don't have enough money to purchase any tickets" I shrugged. "Well, we could win some" she smirked. "If we can win them" Megan rolled her eyes.

"Oh come on! They are having a singing competition, who ever has the best voice, they will win the tickets" She explained the contest. "Singing?" I asked unsure. "Yes, singing. I heard you sing before and you are great. We have a chance of winning!" Carmela started jumping up and down like a little kid. Sometimes this girl is way to hyper even if she's not eating sugar.


*Megan's Point Of View*


"What if Val won't win?" I asked Carmela, she began to think. "We all should then we have 3 chances of winning" She smiled, looking proud of her idea. "But you can't sing" I pointed out, she scrunched her nose. "So? At least I might have a chance" She tried defending herself. I swear to god, she can sometimes be a handful of herself. "Okay, we'll do it" Valarie said, I nodded in an agreement. Carmela was about to shriek until I covered her mouth. "Please no more shrieking" I said.

"Fine..." She pouted. "Okay, so when does this end? You said Friday and today is Sunday" Valarie asked, Carmela looked at her phone. "Uh... 2 more days" She said, I sighed. "So we should try start filming, its only 4 pm anyways" I said, then head upstairs to my room.

I decided to sing perfect by Pink but the clean version. I started rehearsing until I finally got I think that I was ready to record. I got out my laptop and started recording. As I was about to record, I heard Carmela singing. Wow... she sure did improve. It used to sound like a dying whale, yeah it was that bad but now she sounds like a angel... just like Valarie.


*Valarie's Point Of View*


I scrolled up and down through my itunes to decide which song, I know I didn't want to do this but it was just for Carmela who just wants to see "One Direction". I've heard of them but I don't really bother knowing about them, to me they are just some famous selfish bands. Don't get me wrong but I know only a few songs since I'd hear someone singing in the house which is right now... I got to say Carmela actually improved, she used to sound like a dying whale but now she is like an angel!

A few minutes of searching through all 228 songs, yeah I'm pretty much a music geek. I finally found the right song, girl on fire by Alicia Keys but i'm not rapping Nicki Minaj's part that's for sure.

I began to rehearse and I got to admit I was pretty good, I could easily reach my high notes and I might have a chance of winning this but there's also Carmela and Megan. They were pretty good as well. Then I started recording.



She's just a girl and she's on fire

Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway

She's living in a world and it's on fire

Filled with catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away

Ohhhhh oh oh oh oh

She got both on the ground

And she's burning it down

Ohhhh oh oh oh oh

She got her heads in the clouds

And she's not backing down

This girl is on fire...

This girl is on fire...

She's walking on fire

This girl is on fire...

Looks like a girl, but she's a flame

So bright, she can burn your eyes

Better look the other way

You can try but you'll never forget her name

She's on top of the world

Hottest of the hottest girls say

Ohhhhh oh oh oh

We got our feet on the ground

And we're burning it down

Ohhhh oh oh oh oh

Got our heads in the clouds

And we're not coming down

This girl is on fire...

This girl is on fire...

She's walking on fire...

This girl is on fire...

Everybody stares. as she goes by

'Cause they can see the flames that's in her eyes

Watch when she's lighting up the night

Nobody knows that she's a lonely girl

And it's a lonely world

But she gon' let it burn, baby, burn , baby

This girl is on fire...

This girl is on fire...

She's walking of fire...

This girl is on fire...



After finishing recording, I played it a few times to be sure it was okay. I edited it then I was finish, then I was protesting whether to actually post it. Yes, no, yes, no, just send it, don't send it. "Oh god" I pound my laptop which start uploading. Oh boy... there's no backing down now...



Chapter 1 is now posted ^ ~ ^ For those who are reading this and are enjoying it, Thank you! Hope you guys like/love it :3

Please don't mind the mistakes I did.... I'm too lazy to reread it so yeah....

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