Justin Bieber my Step Brother?

Bella was a normal girl until her life had a complete change & she turned into Justin Flippin Biebers' step sister... She falls for one of Justin friends :0


4. Justin & 1D are friends!

2 weeks later

It was now summer so it was pretty hot & i was planning on getting in the pool. I wake up around 7 in the morning "uggggghhhhh!!" I say out loud. why in the world would i wake up so early during the mothafucking summer. Knowing that I'm not going to be able to go back to sleep i get up and take a shower. 

As I'm walking towards the leaving room I hear Justin and his loud ass screaming, he's not the only one there i hear a lot of voices there. i start making my way to the leaving room planning on embarrassing Justin in front of his friends, like always. "Hey JUSTYY BOO." i say as loud as I can . when i realize that his friends are very sexy and very known too. They are 1D. i just stand there awkwardly of what i just did, remind me to facepalm my self when I go to my room. "Hey Bella Girl." Justin says in a ghetto voice. "Hi I'm Liam." I just smile and wave "Im Zayn" he says waving at me. i wave back & say "hey." "I'm Harry" he says while smirking and winking at me. "Hey there" i say back with a wink.  "I'm Niall" i smile & wave. then louis of-course comes running to me and we fall hugging each other. i just laugh and say "well nice to meet you too"



Sorry for the short paragraph :( but i updated 4 times today so y'all better be grateful ;) 



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