Justin Bieber my Step Brother?

Bella was a normal girl until her life had a complete change & she turned into Justin Flippin Biebers' step sister... She falls for one of Justin friends :0


2. I have a brother!

Its was morning & i groaned at the sight of the sun picking by the hot pink curtains i had. I slowly got up sliding my feet across the floor. i got some undergarments & a cute little peach dress. I hurriedly took a shower and did my hair & makeup, afterwards. When I'm done I quickly take a look at myself in the mirror "i look hot" i say to my self giggling and winking at the end. i go into the living room, Where i assume my dad is at. " Dad I'm leaving to school bye, love ya!" i say trying to leave "uhh, hunny you're not going to school anymore remember we're moving houses." 

& suddenly I remember everything that happened yesterday, "Oh, right.   i    .   forgot about it."  i run up to my room upset that i didn't get to say bye to my friends & specially Valerie. once I open the door I notice all the boxes & suitcases i hadn't notice earlier (weird). i lay in bed for about 2 hrs thinking what my 'step mom' was like & I was scared, to tell you the truth. I was scared cause all the movies i had seen. 

Soon it was time to leave. We put every single box & suit case in the truck. and headed towards our destination. In the car ride I was blasting One Direction Music. I love them they're so gorgeous, and sexy. I was singing out loud with my dad next to me laughing at me, but i didn't care because i was singing to my sexy husbands music. "You actually sing very good." My dad says with a small smile. "Really?" i say slightly embarrased. "Yes Bella. you sing gorgeously" i just looked at him and smiled.

It took us about 30 minutes to get there. I opened the car door and stared at the house wide eyed & with my mouth almost hitting the ground. This house is Flipping huge and nice, it has a pool. "Dad this house is awesome!" my dad turns & look at me smiling and says "yes i know, & Bella promise me that you're going to be nice to pattie." ughh i have to say yes cause if i don't he's going to get mad and take my phone away. "Yes,dad i promise i'm going to be nice." i honestly don't think I can keep that promise.

"Bella I need to tell you something else..."  my dad said. " what it is dad?" i say with no care in the world, I don't think there's going to be something worst than getting a stepmom. "You now have a step brother." he says like there is nothing wrong with it. I pretend like I'm ok with it. when i actually am not, I mean wouldn't you be mad if you're parents told you you have a step brother like the next day after you have to leave school and your friends behind.

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