Justin Bieber my Step Brother?

Bella was a normal girl until her life had a complete change & she turned into Justin Flippin Biebers' step sister... She falls for one of Justin friends :0


3. I actually like my new step mom!

Pattie comes out the house embracing my dad in a hug, and giving him a little kiss on the cheek. She is really beautiful, and seems nice. I have a feeling we're going to get along real well. "Hello" i say breaking them apart. she looks at me, "Hii gorgeous, you must be Bella, Austin she is much more beautiful than you told me." she tells me. oh yeah I forgot to tell you that my dads name is Austin. 

i blush a little & thank her for the compliment. "JUSTIN!" she calls out someone I'm guessing it's her son. He comes out running " what mom?" he says a little annoyed. "I want you to meet Austin & his daughter Bella.".. he looks at her then at me then at my dad  " Hello sir." he says shaking my dads hand. "please call me Austin  dude or any nickname u want, just not sir, i feel so old." my daddy says chukling a bit . " Alright dude." Justin says laughing. 

Pattie & my dad start walking in the house. I just stood there smiling & staring at them thinking that they actually make a cute couple, "Uhmm hey." i hear a voice speak behind me. i look back and smile " heyy" i say smiling "i guess you're my new step-sister" he says with a smirk & a laugh behind his words."um well im guessing i am haha." i say a little nervous. I mean come on it's Justin Fucking Bieber of-course I'm going to be nervous to talk to him.

"Come on I'll show you your room." he said grabbing my hand and running to the house. I just laugh at his dumbness and ran after him. I have a feeling that we're going to get along real well. He so cute & i think i like him as a brother already.

"wow this is amazing." i tell him a little shocked by my awesome room. He just chuckles and nods his head yes.

It's dinner time and I'm not hungry but I still have to go down and have a little chat with my step mom. "Hi Pattie" I say as I reach the kitchen. "Hey hun, dinner isn't ready yet, I'll call you when it is, ok?" she says ever so nicely i think she's the sweetest thing ever. "Umm, actually I wanted to help you cook, if thats ok with you of-course.?" I ask her she looks at me a little shocked. I get it she taught i was going to hate her. At first i kind of did but now I'm really getting to like her & besides it won't hurt me to try & talk to her & actually get close to her. I would love to have her as a mom now that we have had a small chat & i even live at her house.

After dinner I decide to call Valerie since i didn't even say bye to her. "Hello Valerie?" i say yawning. "heeeeey Bella... Why the heck didn't you go to school?!?!" She screams to the phone. "Umm, Valerie .. I'm not going to school anymore.. I moved house." I say through the phone with tears in my eyes. She sniffled a little bit & we finished our convo crying our asses off. "Bye baby girl, I promise to text you every day & call you atleast once a week." i say to her. and we say our goodbyes shut down our phones.








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