Justin Bieber my Step Brother?

Bella was a normal girl until her life had a complete change & she turned into Justin Flippin Biebers' step sister... She falls for one of Justin friends :0


1. Im moving to my stepmom's house!

Bella's POV;


I woke up by the annoying sound of my alarm clock! It was soon to be summer so I gladly got out of bed because it was the last week of school. "BELLA ARE YOU AWAKE!!!" my dad screamed while opening my door. I got my pillow and threw it at him "Yes dad I'm awake. STOP SCREAMING"

I soon got out of bed and struggled my way to my closet, got a few clothe and ran to the shower. When i came out I got ready. i was waring a black Hollister top & some blue skinny jeans. I left my hair in cute little curls & put a little bit of Makeup on. I ran out realising I was late for school, like always, but it was the last day so the teachers didn't really care.

I got on my car & drove to school, Since im a senior at Dominguez High School I got to drive & got my own parking lot place at the schools parking lot. X'D

As soon as I reach the school's hall i see my bestfriend Valerie. she looks at me and run to give me a hug " Heey girl wat chu doing today after school" she says with a wink at the end. Aha got to love my flirty friend. I chuckled a bit "I have to go meet my fathers gf" I say with disgust. I never really liked my dad dating other women since my mom died a couple years ago. but yes i know he needs to go out & have fun i dont think i'm going to like that Pattie named lady he's dating. anyways...   " ohh  , that sucks for u bby girl" she says & walks away to her class.

School day was over & i had to go home to meet 'Pattie'. I just hope she's not one of those hoes that like to take money from ma & leave them. (sigh)  I got home in less than 15 minutes.

"Hey dad! Im home." i say a littl tired from running up the stairs. "Hi hun, i've got some news for you" He says with a small smile that had hope. "what is it dad?" i say a little scared of what was coming out of his mouth next."well babe, uhhm . .  we're moving out ." he says very hesitant. " uh dad why?!? I don't Wanna move!" i say stomping my feet. "I'm sorry hun but you're going to meet Pattie tomorrow cause we're moving to her house. Now go start packing, & don't make me raise my voice at you Bella!" he says somehow with pain in his voice.



2hrs later


" DAD! Im done packing" tears coming down my face. i'm so sad Im not even going to get to say bye to my bestfriend, well more like sister to me. I lay in bed & suddenly fall asleep with tears in my eyes, & thinking that tomorrow is going to be a stressful day!





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