My new life with 1D

Karla Tomlinson is the younger sister of the Louis Tomlinson!! Louis invites Karla and her best friend Alice to spend a year with him and the boys they accept does love blossum or is there jealousy?? READ TO FIND OUT


5. The morning




Karla's POV:

I woke up to the boys and Alice screaming wake up in my face with Louis jumping on my bed so I sit up punch louis in the balls and lie back down. "OWWWWW!!!" Louis screams a small smile creeps onto my face "Karla get up were going to the carnival" Niall says to me in his sweet voice. I groan and sit up I walkl into my closet grab my clothes and underwear and bra and go to the bathroom and lock the door. I take my pj's off and jump into my warm shower. I wash my hair with passionfruit shampoo and conditioner and I sepnd about 30 minues in the shower before I hop out and wrap my self in my towel that says 'F YOU' on. I walk over to thee mirror and start drieing my hair with the hair drier. Once my hair is dry I put on my bra and underwear and put my clothes on. I walk back to the mirrow and brush my hair till its straight and apply some mascara onto my lashes and put a bit of lip gloss on. I walk out the bath room when louis jumps out and scares me "SHIT!" i yell from shock. Louis just laughs and turn a video camera off "YOU VIDEOED THAT!!!!" I scream at him and chase him around the house. I give up when we come to the kitchen and grab some bacon from Niall's plate. i just grin at him and the other boys gasp "NIALL you let her steal your food!!" Harry exclaims. Niall and I just chuckled. "SHIT we gotta go now!" Liam yells. I run out to the car and jump in the very back seat. and await for niall to join me. This time liam gets into the drivers side of the car while louis get in next to zayn. "NIALL TRUTH OR DARE?" louis screams through out the car "uhh dare?" niall asks "i dare you to kiss Karla for 10 seconds!!!!"


A/N: HOW IS IT????

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