My new life with 1D

Karla Tomlinson is the younger sister of the Louis Tomlinson!! Louis invites Karla and her best friend Alice to spend a year with him and the boys they accept does love blossum or is there jealousy?? READ TO FIND OUT


3. The car Ride

Outifts: same as before

Alice's POV:

I walked down the stairs and saw Harry looking at me! I blushed and looked down. I walked to the car following Karla. She sat right at the back with Niall. Thanks Karla I say in my head with sarcasam. The only seat left was next to Harry I awkwardly sit down next to him, buckle myself in and relax while Louis drives off.

Karla's POV:

I was in the very back of the car next to Niall, In front of us was Alice and Harry and in front of them was Zayn And Liam And Louis driving in the very front. After a hour or a while i started complaining "HOW MUCH FURTHER!" I screamed making everyone jump "halfway there" Liam said. I groaned "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE" i yell now everyone else groans "ok Harry Truth or dare?" i said i saw his face furrow in thinking "dare" he finally said I did my evil smile "ok i dare you to kiss Alice for 10 seconds" I said very proud of my self. Harry;s eyes just went wide and Alice blushed "go!" i yelled and harry leaned in a kissed alice I was timing on my white Iphone 5 "STOP" i yelled making them jump apart. I saw them both blush cherry red and look down at the ground if I wasnt strapped in i would be on the ground laughing. "ok Niall Truth or dare? " harry asked "DARE!" niall answered. I saw harry's face grow into an evil smile "i dare you to be shirtless for the rest of the car ride while we put the tempratute to the lowest" I saw Niall's face drop. "HAHAHAHAHAHA" Alice and I cracking up. Niall took his shirt off and immediatley started to freeze. I just laughed and laughed.

Alice POV:

I cant belive Karla dared Harry to kiss me!!!!!! She knew I like him but does he like me?? no way! I saw Louis Pull up to a massive house my mouth just dropped and gasped. "THIS IS YOUR FUCKING HOUSE????" I screamed. Everyone just nodded. "OUR HOUSE NOW BABEZZ" Karla screamed at me. My face grew into a huge smile. When the car stopped we raced inside while the boys took our suitcases. We were showed to our room. We are sharing to make it more comfy for Karla and I. My bed had a Pink Cover and light pink pillow cases Karlas was the same but with purple. The boys told us to get changed into pjs so we did

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