My new life with 1D

Karla Tomlinson is the younger sister of the Louis Tomlinson!! Louis invites Karla and her best friend Alice to spend a year with him and the boys they accept does love blossum or is there jealousy?? READ TO FIND OUT



Karla's POV:

Hi im Karla. im 18 I have hair a bit lighter blonde than my brother Louis Tomlinson that goes down to the end of my shoulder blades. I have deep blue eyes. Im bubbly,fun,hyper loud im about 5'6 I love horses and my favourite colour is purple and im a model with my best friend Alice.

Alice's POV:

Hi im Alice Avondale my best friend is Karla Tomlison :D i have blue eyes and light browny blonish hair that goes to my shoulders. I am fun,crazy and funny. Im about 5'7 and 18 years old. I love horses and my favourite colour is pink im a model aswell with Karla :D

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