My new life with 1D

Karla Tomlinson is the younger sister of the Louis Tomlinson!! Louis invites Karla and her best friend Alice to spend a year with him and the boys they accept does love blossum or is there jealousy?? READ TO FIND OUT


4. Goodnight??????

Alice's POV:

I was downstairs making a cup of tea before I went to bed when Harry comes up "um Alice??" he mutters "yes?" i turn and he looks me in the eyes "ah i was wandering if you wanna go on a date with me sometime??" he asks under his break "sure" i reply with a smile his face goes into a big smile and he starts leaning in and I do too and we kiss. the kiss was around 10 seconds long "goodnight alice" he says with a wink before walking out. I take my tea up to my room and close the door "omg karla guess what just happened!!" i say "what??" "harry just asked me out and i said yes and then we kissed!" I say she just stares at me with a blank expression then suddenly she starts jumping around and squealing "omg im sooo happy for you!" she says "yea well goodnight" i say and quickly turn off the light and hop into bed so she couldnt see the sily grin on my face

Harry's POV:

I cant belive I did it i asked her out and she said yes! "oh niall!" i sing sweetly through the house "yea?" he comes out of his froom with his face full of crisps "you gotta ask her out now!" i said sweetly his eyes just widened "what! you asked alice out!" "yep now tomorrow i will talk to the boys and make u and her have alone time" i say and walk to my room leaving his speechless. I turn my light out and get into bed ready for my nights sleep

Nialls POV:

omg tomorrow I have to ask Karla out!


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