My new life with 1D

Karla Tomlinson is the younger sister of the Louis Tomlinson!! Louis invites Karla and her best friend Alice to spend a year with him and the boys they accept does love blossum or is there jealousy?? READ TO FIND OUT




same as chapter 5

Alice's POV:

I saw Niall and Karla lean in...... 10 seconds later they stop and both look down and blush. The rest of the car ride was just silence. FINALLY we got to the carnival and I jumped out the car first and waited for everyone else. We were heading to the ticket booth I was about to get my wallet out and pay when harry pushed my hand away. I pouted and he just laughed and paid for both of us.

Karla's POV:

OMG that was AMAZAYN (see what I did there??) I just blushed and looked down at my feet. We got to the carnival and first out of the car was Alice. I hopped out and ran to pay for my ticket but Niall was already there and paid for my ticket. He just laughed and I poked my tongue out at him. We walked through the gates and waited for everyone else. "ok we are going in pairs Alice and I liam and zayn and Karla and Niall" Harry said then ran off with Alice closely following. Niall and I slowly walk around the carnival when we came across a knock down the pins game. Niall Paid and knocked down all three. I clapped he won a giant stuffed  leprechaun with "I <3 Irish boys" on it. He gave it to me "aw thanks niall I said while kissing his cheek. He blushed and I laughed. "um karla I was wandering if you wanted to go on a date with me??" he asked nevoursly "of course" I said then he started leaning in and do did I. We kissed for about 20 seconds when we finally pulled apart smiling. "Lets head back to the others" he stated I just nodded and followed.

Alice's POV:

we got back to the gate where we met the others when I saw a clown carrying a little girl with ducktaped hands and her screaming "Harrry!!! look at the clown" as I said that he took off running toward the clown when he punched the clown to the ground and put the girl over his shoulder and ran toward the information centre. 10 minutes later he came back with a big smile on his face. "ok well the clown tried to kid nap her which I stopped then I took her to the info centre where they found her parents!" he said with a big smile. I just gave him a hug. "we have to go back now" Liam stated so we all followed.

Karla's POV:

"karla?" niall said "yea?" "um do u want our date to be tonight with harry and alices????" "sure how fancy do I need to dress?" "fancy" "ok ". I texted Alice



K= hey wanna get ready for date 2ngiht together??

A= sure how fancy???


A=ok bye


We got back to the house and alice and I raced upstairs and I got in the shower first then got out and walked into the room while alice did the same


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