(Rated PG-13 there is language and maybe sexual content!) Hi my names Yasmine. Me and my best friend's Serena, Shantalle, Sarah, and Olivia are the cheer captains of the Bulldogs highschool! Yes we might be the cheer captains but we aint sluty to the point where we sleep with tons of fucking guys! We are seniors and have a rule of not sleeping with any of the football players! Especially the captains! Each one of those five little players have a thing for one of us girls. Harry AKA curly has it in for me. He is the straight up captain just like me. Next is Niall he's got a thing for Shantalle. Zayn has a thing for serena. Louis has a thing for sarah and Liam has a thing for Olivia. We all get trapped in school over spring break cause we were in detention then a big blizzard formed to the point where the doors and windows were shut tightly. Will we all fall in love? Will secrets be revealed? Or will boundaries be crossed? Tune in to find out what happens to all of us teens!


1. Detention

Yasmine's POV-


"Mrs.Brown this is not the time for you to be napping!" Snapped my teacher Mrs.Crunsky. I slowly lifted my head up and nodded, as soon as she turned her head to the board I let my head back down. "Mrs.Brown! Detention after school till 6:30! "she screamed. DING DING! It's a good thing that bell rang or else I would of cussed her out! Fucking bitch im gonna have to miss practice now! UGH at least it lunch and I can hang with my besties! *walks into lunch room and walks to cheerleader table* "Hey girls! can't go to practice Mrs.Crunsky decided to give me detention for sleeping twice!" I explained "Well neither one of us can go either, we all got detention till 6:30 for skipping class!" Replied Shantalle. "Well atleast the teacher never stays there. She always takes off then we can just stay on instagram and twitter." Blurts Serena. "TRUE!!" we all yell in unison.

Harry's POV-

I make my way to the lunchroom to see what kind of trouble my mates have gotten into today. I overhear the leaders talking about them all getting in detention. Just great now I have to stay with 5 cheerleaders after school till 6:30! Just fucking great. I arrive to my table only to hear the greatest news today. "We all got detention!!" They laugh. "Nice now we ALL have to deal with the" Barbies" till 6:30." I laugh as their jaws drop. they all sigh and return eating and telling jokes and talking about guy stuff.

~After School~

"Hey Niall where are the rest of the guys?" I ask Niall. "Oh they already made it there to the Jail haha!" He laughs. *we arrive to the class to see that the teacher isn't there* "Lou where's the bitch?" I ask Louis. "She said she will be back she needed to pick up her kids." He replies with a relief. I sit down and just go on instagram and talk with the guys.

Shantalle's POV-

We arrive to detention only to notice the guys are already there. Ugh why did they have to get detention? Now I have to deal with their pranks and their dirty remarks! "Ugh the "things" are here!" I spat. "Well hello to you too?" Replies Curly. We sit down and I can tell Yasmine wants to go over there and rip off their heads! I don't know why the guys have to be such pricks?

Serena's POV-

Man these guys talk about the dirtiest things! All I've been hearing is fucking playboy bunny girls and crap like that! Yasmine looks like she's ready to go over there and rip off curly's head. I can tell that they are enjoying making us mad like this cause after evry sick joke they make they look over to see who they annoyed. I hope I can get past 2 more hours.

Olivia's POV-

These guys must have some type of fucking disease cause they are just plain weird and stupid. I can't wait till I get out of this hell hole and get my mani cure with my friend Taylor swift. Yep she's my friend, it's a long story. I guess knowing yasmine can have some good memories and bad ones. But I don't regret any of them. Yes only 2 more hours till im out of here!

Sarah's POV-

Ugh these guys are the ugliest most gruesome people on earth! I swear just yesterday ther had a gross food fight. Its a good thing we got out on time or else my new purse would soo be gone!

Yasmine's POV-

Ok that's it I've had enough of those guys dirty nasty jokes and stories im about to fucking kick some ass! I stand up and walk towards harry and his group. "Yes Barbie?" he laughs. "Can you and your asshole friends SHUT THE FUCK UP! We are sick and tired of hearing you guys rant about who you fucked or want to fuck! Its fucking disgusting so just stop!" I yell at harry and his friends. I waked back to my seat feeling great until Curly threw a giant spit ball at me. I ran back over there taking off my pink heels and right as I was about to hit him sarah interrupted. "Uhhhh yasmine you might wan't to take a look out the window. I smack his head and walk over to the window only to have everyone behind me gasp and their jaws drop. " You gotta be kidding me...."

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