my new life

Sam and her cousin Lauren move to London for new beggenings. they end up having some very famous neighbors. They might even fall in love with these neighbors.


2. journey to the new and improved

Lauren's P.O.V

I am so glad Sam is okay, I was scared. I'm gald Brandon is out of our lives, and we are moving to London for a new start. Sam wasn't the most popular girl at school, she was bullied a lot. She stayed strong though. She is one oof the strongest people I know. If I lost her i don't  knoe what i would  do, she is always there for you when you need her. We took a cab to the airport.


Sam's  P.O.V  

While we were waiting for the cab to come, I looked back at our house.  All the memories come flooding back. I miss my parents. My parents died in a car crash twomonths ago. I love them. My 15 year old brother lives with my moms sister  Kristie. I will miss him. I'll let Max visit in the summer, which is three months away. When the cab shows up we put our thing in the trunk. When we get to the airport we check in our things and wait to bord the plane.


Lauren's P.O.V

While we wait Sam looks worried. "Sam are you okay?" i ask takeing her hand. "Yah, just thinking of Max and my parents." she says. "I know you're sad, but they would want you to be as happy as could be and be your strong self as always." I say and she smiles and gives me a hug. "Thanks Lauren, you're the best." she says. "No problem." I say smiling. "Flight F12 to London is now boarding." we heard over the intercom. "Ready?" I ask."You bet." Sam says and stands up.


Sam's P.O.V

This is why I love Lauren, she is always knows how to cheer me up. I stand grab my carry on and get on the plane. I let Lauren get the window seat and take my seat next to her. Then i brace myself for the 10 hour and 30 minute flight. I put my I pod  in and shared it with Lauren. The first song was Little Things by One Direction. Lauren and I are big fans of One Direction  We had never been to a concert though. Her favorite is Niall. And for me well I don't have a favorite. They all seem like great guys. I heard they live in London, maybe we will be able to meet them and become friends. That would  be nice.




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