my new life

Sam and her cousin Lauren move to London for new beggenings. they end up having some very famous neighbors. They might even fall in love with these neighbors.


1. how it began

Sam's P.O.V

I woke up and realized I'm not in my room; I am in a hospital. then i feel a sharp pain in my upper left arm. Why am i here? Then i realize my cousin, Lauren, in a chair asleep. "Lauren," I yell. she wakes up and looks relieved. "Thank god. Sam are you alright?" "Yah but my arm hurts. What happened?" "You don't remember." "All i remember is cutting the cake then Brandon... i remember." I say as a tear rolls down my cheek. Brandon, my ex-boyfriend, barged into our appartment drunk and angry. I broke up with him that  afternoon because he is either drunk or a jerk. So he came in and tried to win me back but I said "No we are over." He  didn't like this and took out a knife and stabbed my arm. I screamed then Lauren came running down the steps. The last thing i remember is Brandon running out the door. By now I am  crying. Lauren comes to cpmfert me, then goes to get the doctor. "Samantha how do you feel?" the doctor asks. "Alright but  my arm really hurts." I tell him."Okay, here take one of these everytime you arm starts to hurt." he tells me. "Okay thank you." i say. "Your welcome, feel better." "Thank you" "Oha nd don't lift anything heavy, and as soon as you sign these you can go." "okay  thank you."

Lauren hands me some clothes and i get changed then we left. It's  about  12 noon when we get home. Then I remember we are moving to London. Thank god Brandon doesn't knoe this. Wait what happened to him? "What happened to Brandon?" I ask Lauren. "The police got him and arrested him" She answers back. "Good. Hey when are we moving again?" I ask Lauren. "Today at 4pm so we are leaving here at 2pm. "Good thing I packed before." I say. "It sure is." she  says back.


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