Save Phoenix

Hello, I'm Phoenix, a 16 year old teenager, who's a secret spy thanks to my father. I never knew my mother, and my father died whilst he saved me in a mission. To make this more interesting, there is a mission named 'Save Phoenix' and here is the story on how Thor, Zach and I complete the mission.

A tale of trust, lost, and some weird-ass mutation...


9. Save Phoenix Chapter 9

I walked back home and once there I was received with a small party. When I mean small, there were about 30 unknown people at the house. I entered quietly and made my way up to my room finding James there playing video games.

“Is you room out of service or what?” I asked closing the door and taking my shoes off.

“No.” James answered. “But the whole family is here and the first place where they will look for me is my room, and as I don’t want to be with the stuck up cousins I hide in your room.”

“Well, then. Make it multiplayer cause I am joining you.” I said sitting next to him.

“Dad will come in a few minutes, looking for both of us.” James said. “I suggest that you change into something more presentable.”

“What does presentable for you mean?” I asked. “Because for me I am presentable.”

“Wear a skirt.” James said.

“You kidding.”

“No.” James said and pointed at my closet.

“Urgh!” I complained going over to my closet.

I looked trough my things trying to find a skirt and something that would be presentable for the stuck up family Bradford has. When I found it I change into it and applied a bit of make-up.


“Wow.” James and Bradford said as I came out of my closet. Yeah it is awalking-in closet.

“Is this okay?” I asked.

“Yeah.” James said. “Come on.” He added linking his arm with mine.

“You are meeting my mother and then my two sisters and their respective sons.” Bradford said. “Change shoes.”

“I don’t own flats or sandals, so this is what you get.” I answered walking out to the living room with James.

Once when we got to the living room, an old not so old lady stared at me and literally ate me with her eyes, and then spoke to two other ladies next to her. I’m guessing Bradford mother and sisters.

“Hello Grandmother.” James said kissing the lady. “I present you Phoenix Blair.” he added pointing at me.

“Hello Mrs. Bradford.” I said sticking my hand out. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello Phoenix.” She answered. “The pleasure is all mine. Please let me introduce you to my two lovely daughters, Marianne and Caroline.” she said pointing at the other two ladies.

“Nice meeting you both.” I said.

“Well then James.” Marianne said. “Why don’t you take her so that she can meet your cousins?”

“Right away Aunt Marianne.” James said and motioned me to follow him to the backyard.

We walked saying hi to some people and only smiling to others. We finally got to the backyard and I saw there 3 hot guys. Really hot guys. They were taller and buffer than James, and their hair, oh lord, it was glorious.

“Jake. Mark. Rick.” James said calling the attention of the boys.

“Cousin James.” Rick said. “Who’s this beautiful and lovely lady? he asked taking my hand and giving it a kiss.

“I’m Phoenix.” I answered.

“You? Phoenix?” Jake asked. “I thought you were nothing but trouble.”

“I am.” I answered. “But we need to be presentable for the family.”

“Oh, that is right.” Mark answered. “You are the new and only daughter of Uncle Albert.”

“That’s what people say.” I answered with a fake smile.

I excused myself and ran back up to my room to search for my phone. Once I found it, I sent a text to Zach.

Tomorrow meet me at the park. 4:00pm, I’ll be with Thor so that we can make the plan.

Then I searched for Thor’s number and once I found it, I sent him a text.

Meet me tomorrow at the park. 4:00pm. I might have a work for you. I think you will like it.

I shoved my phone my skirt and ran back to the backyard once again. I went back to the cousins, and yes, they are really stuck up, far more worse than James.


“Listen Phoenix.” my father said. “This is an important mission. You can’t make a mistake, because it will cost the life of thousands of people.”
“What are we doing father?” I asked.
“We? Nothing.” My father answered. “You are about to hack into this Iraqi facility and save all the slaves there.”
“But father-“
“But nothing Nix. Do it.”

“WAKE UP NIX! BREAKFAST IS READY!” Bradford shouted.

I rolled out of bed and walked to the kitchen in my pjs. ( I got to the kitchen and ate my breakfast. Bradford left early for work, and James was taking a bath. I ate my breakfast and walked back up to my room and took a shower and changed for school. (

I got to school and was recieved by Hayley, James ex, or still his girlfriend.

“I’m so glad you are fine Phoenix.” Hayley said. 

“What do you want Hayley?” 

“Who says that I want something.”

“You never speak to me.” I answered. “What do you want?”

“Why did James break up with me?” Hayley asked with sobs. Guess she is the ex.

“Why would I know?”

“Because you live with him now.” Hayley cried. “You must know why!”

“Well, I’m sorry to dissapoint you, but I know nothing.” I said and walked away.

Well that was weird. But now I was curios to find out, why on earth did James break up with her, I mean she was a total snob bitch, but she is beyond pretty. 

School was boring like always, and even more now that I can’t do anything with my right arm, yeah the genius had to hurt my right arm… Good thing is that I can make my left arm unstoppable, and that is what I am planning to do. Returning to the school subject, lunch was weird; James came up to eat with us and then his sexy friend Blaze came over. We had a funny lunch conversation, and after school, Blaze is coming over to the house. But I won’t be there because I am going to meet Thor.

Zach, Thor and I will start our own ‘Save Phoenix’ missions.

Are you in?

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