Save Phoenix

Hello, I'm Phoenix, a 16 year old teenager, who's a secret spy thanks to my father. I never knew my mother, and my father died whilst he saved me in a mission. To make this more interesting, there is a mission named 'Save Phoenix' and here is the story on how Thor, Zach and I complete the mission.

A tale of trust, lost, and some weird-ass mutation...


8. Save Phoenix Chapter 8

I was thrown on my bed, staring at ceiling waiting for Zach to come and pick me up so we could go and eat an ice cream while I told him what I had founded out about George having a brother and not telling us.

James had left to speak with his girlfriend, apparently he wanted to break up with her… And Bradford was working as always. 

It was a cold day, it really was, I mean we were supposed to be on spring, but no, it was 10 C… So my cloth choice were not going to be shorts… (

About 15 minutes later, the door bell rang. I closed my computer and hid everything about ‘Save Phoenix’ and walked downstairs. I grabbed myemergency knife and put in on the back pocket with my phone. 

“I’m coming.” I answered grabbing my keys and opening the door.

“Alone?” Zach asked as I locked the door.


“Are you ready for some awesome ice cream?” Zach asked as we walked to the nearest Ice Cream store.

“Yep. But I find it kind of ironic, since the weather somehow matches the temperature of the ice cream.”

“You have a very good point there Pho, but, since when do we care wether it is freezing cold or it’s freaking hell? We always buy ice cream.” 

“You are right my little peasant.” I said laughing.

“I’m your peasant?” Zach asked. “How come?”

“I can’t do anything productive in a freaking month.” I answered. “Which sucks. But…”

“Who saved you?”

“Thor.” I answered. “OMG! I have to tell you something about that kid!”

“Thor?” Zach asked. “Chemistry Thor?”

“The one and only.”

“What about him?” Zach asked as we entered the store.

“George’s little brother.”



“SHOT! SHOT! SHOT! FOR FORK’S SAKE ZACH SHOT!” I shouted as we played COD at Zach’s house.

“FINE!” Zach shouted and he shot the guy.

Game Over

“We lost.” Zach said throwing the control on the couch.

“You were killed by a grenade, genius.” I said. 

“Yeah but—”

“But nothing Zach, you don’t want to accept the fact that you suck at COD without me.” 

“That is so not true.” Zach said walking to the kitchen.

Ding Dong!

“I’ll get it.” I said walking to the door. “Who is it?”


“Hello.” I said opening the door.

“I didn’t know you were here.” George said entering the house.

“Neither I knew that the kid who saved me was your brother.” 

“What?” George said with a nervous chuckle. “Who?”

“Thor.” I answered.

“Chemistry Thor.” Zach said joining us. “You’ve heard us talk crap about him a lot.”

“Why didn’t you tell us he was your little brother?”

“Listen.” George said. “He’s umm… he’s different from you. He is a real geek.”

“George.” I said. “Thor is not a geek. He makes the chemistry explosions with me, and he also is on detention every three Fridays.”

“He lies to me?” George said. “He says that he has to stay for some math things.”

“Well you lied as well.” Zach said. “He is also an agent.”

“About that….” George started.

“About that nothing.” I said. “He said that they still don’t know who sold the information to kill my dad.”

“Yeah, I know.” George said. “He doesn’t do field work, but office work. You know, hack cameras from houses and works that need to be decoded.”

“He’s an office dude.” Zach and I said at the same time.

“Yep.” George answered. “He’s really good at tracking things.” 

“Tracking things.” I whispered.

“Zach, where is your dad?” George asked.

“Basement.” Zach answered and he left. “You thinking of using Thor for the S.P. mission right?”

“Yep.” I answered walking to the door. “I have to go back home. Bradford wants me to meet someone. I don’t know who. Text later.”

“Sure Pho.” Zach said. “Be save.”

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