Save Phoenix

Hello, I'm Phoenix, a 16 year old teenager, who's a secret spy thanks to my father. I never knew my mother, and my father died whilst he saved me in a mission. To make this more interesting, there is a mission named 'Save Phoenix' and here is the story on how Thor, Zach and I complete the mission.

A tale of trust, lost, and some weird-ass mutation...


28. Save Phoenix Chapter 28


I made sure the ‘fire’ started where it had too, so it looked like if it was caused by an electric failure. Thor was already outside with Zach. After the fire started I left the house and we all made our way to George’s house.

"Do you really think that the fire was necessary?" Zach asked as we walked to the house. 

"Yes." Both Thor and I answered.

"With the fire, there is no way that he can say that I broke into his house." I said. "There is no proof that- shit."

"Shit what?" Thor asked as he saw the house with cops cars in the front lawn. "Shit."

"We need a plan." Zach said.

"Ice cream parlor." I said and turned around. "Go go go!"

We made our way to the ice cream parlor, bought ice cream and then we walked back to the house laughing and pretending that we had been at the ice cream parlor the whole time.

 Thor and I looked at each other and I grabbed Zach’s arm . This was not good.

"Is everything all right?" I asked as we approached to our front lawn.

"Do you live here?" The cop asked.

"Yes, we both do." Thor replied. "Is there any problem?"

"Your names." Another officer asked as he joined.




"Is everything in order officer?" I asked.

"We found them." The officer spoke through his radio. "They are right here in front of me."

"What?" The three of us asked. 

"What are you talking about?" Thor asked. "We’ve been here all day long."

"You’ll be needed to come down for some questioning." The first officer said.

"I don’t understand what you are trying to tell us." I explained. "Why were you looking for us?"

"Someone reported you missing." The officer replied.

"Who?" Zach asked.

"Ronnie." The officer answered.

Ronnie?! Out of all the people in the world Ronnie says that we are missing?! The three of us?!

"I can’t go to the station." I said with a smirk. "Neither of us can go."

"And why is that?" The officer asked.

"We are all underage and we need an adult, as in our parents or legal guardian, to accompany us."

"Well, call them." The officer said. 

"My brother, slash legal guardian is out of town." Thor smiled. "Though he is Phoenix’s legal guardian as well."

"My father is out of town with Thor’s brother." Zach replied. "You can’t take us down."

"Not now, nor ever." I added. "Tell Ronnie, that he is going to need more than some paid cops to fake the missing of three teens."

"What?" The cop asked clearly confused on how I had found out about that.

"Gabe." I said. "You are a really bad actor you do know that right?" I smirked. "And let me tell you something."

"This is not going to look good on your file." Thor added.

"NOW!" Zach shouted and we sprinted back to the base.

Zach, Thor and I ran away from the house and the cops in destination to the base, the only place where we would be safe. The cops were shouting behind  us and the sirens were sounding, meaning that they were behind us.

"SPLIT UP!" I shouted as we got closer to an alley. "EACH ONE TAKE A DIFFERENT ROUTE!"

"WE’LL MEET AT THE BASE!" Zach shouted.

"WE WILL!" Thor replied.

I nodded at Thor and Zach and took the longest and most difficult way to the base. I knew it was stupid to go alone, but Ronnie, only wanted me and not my friends. I made a left and started climbing an old and abandoned building. 

Thirty minutes later I collapsed at the base entrance, next to Zach and Thor.

"Did they followed you?" I asked.

"No." Zach replied. "They followed you."

"Not me." Thor said. "They followed you Nix."

"I know." I replied. "But I lost them at 54th street."

Before anyone could say another word Capitol Tom appeared at the entrance with a confused face.

"Weren’t you guys missing?" Captiol Tom asked.

"No." I replied. "Ronnie plan." 

"My office the three of you." Capitol Tom said. "Now."

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