Save Phoenix

Hello, I'm Phoenix, a 16 year old teenager, who's a secret spy thanks to my father. I never knew my mother, and my father died whilst he saved me in a mission. To make this more interesting, there is a mission named 'Save Phoenix' and here is the story on how Thor, Zach and I complete the mission.

A tale of trust, lost, and some weird-ass mutation...


25. SAve Phoenix Chapter 25



Everyone on the base had a scared face, but I mean, who wouldn’t? The Top Top Agents were here, for what? To tell the world that I’m not supposed to exist and that I need to leave the world…

I entered the question room, the only person there was a man, and he was facing the wall. I sat on the chair and faked coughed.

"Do you know the reason on why we have called the Capitals?" A man in a blue suit asked.

"I guess." I answered. 

"And your guess is?" The man asked.

"Because I shoot Russo, and umm Ronnie told them to come." I said unsure.

"Anything else?" The man asked.

"Not that I’m aware of." I answered.

"Well, they were also called because you are not supposed to exist." The man answered.

"Oh that too?" I asked. “I thought that was irrelevant." I said with a smirk.

"Listen girl." The man said leaning in on the desk. “I’m not here to play stupid games with you."

"Who says you’re playing stupid games with me?" I attacked. “I’m very aware of the fact that I shouldn’t exist. I’m also aware that I shouldn’t have shoot Russo even when he killed my mother, father and step brother. AND that he wanted to kidnap me so that he could take a bit of my DNA and experiment on his own son, so that he could fall in love with me and have a shitload of mini freak babies!" I shouted standing up. 

"You knew about that?" Another voice asked.

"And you are?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Capitol Tom." The man answered. I swear I never would have thought of him as a Capitol (single name for the Capitals), he looked four years older than me, top. “And you are?"

"Phoenix Blair." I answered. “The one and only person with the ‘Virus’."

"Also the one who captured Russo and Tuckle." Tom added as he motioned the other man to leave the room. 

"I guess." I said. “I’m also the one who always gets in trouble for finding out things."

Tom let out a chuckle. “I’ve heard about that, among other good things about you Phoenix."

"What is my destiny?" I asked. “Where do I go?"

"You think we are letting you go from the base?" Tom asked and I shrugged. “Don’t even think about it. You are the best agent to find double agents."

"Excuse me?" I asked confused. “You are going to use me to find people who are double agents?"

"Yes." Tom answered. “You see, since the report on the mission your father was working on, Save Phoenix, people started to research all bout you, and there are some people, that just like Tuckle and Russo, want your DNA to experiment."

"So you want me to find them?" I asked.

"I need you to get me proof, that one is trying to do that." Tom said.

"Ronnie." I said.

Tom opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it and furrowed his eyebrows. “How did you know that?"

"He gave it away." I answered. “When he told me that they were going to destroy me. His eyes gave out like something which made me think that he need me. Plus he was wearing ‘S Powder’. And only an idiot wouldn’t know for what we use that powder."

··S Powder: Powder that makes the fingerprints and any kind of DNA of another person stay intact at touch.··

Tom smiled at me. “You are right. I need you to find proof that he’s not a good guy."

"If you believe the same as I do, why don’t you say it?"

"You see Phoenix, Ronnie was supposed to have my job. So if I tell the rest of the Capitals that I think Ronnie is an double agent, they’ll think that I am saying that so that they get rid of Ronnie."

"So you need the proof so that they actually believe you?"

"Exactly." Tom said. “And that’s where you come in."

"Yeah, but my base is here, and Ronnie is up in New York with you." 

"He’s staying here, keeping an ‘eye’ on things." Tom said. “So I am."

I let out a chuckle. “Piece of cake."

"You should know that Ronnie isn’t going to keep his eyes off you." Tom said.

"Who said that I was going to work alone?" I said and Tom gave me a questionable look. “I have my two best friends, they’ll help me with my research."

"Zach and Thor?" Tom asked and I nodded. 

"Plus I’ll have a week for observation, a week for planning and then the plan will come in action when he least expects it to be."

"I knew Bradford wouldn’t lie about you being awesome." Tom said.


"Lord Jesus Christ!" I shouted. “Could you calm down?! I’ll be down in a minute!"

"HURRY UP!" George shouted.

I took a deep breath and finished tying up my vans, I was fifteen seconds behind schedule, pff. (

I got down and rolled my eyes to George before walking out the house with Thor besides me. 

"Someone’s into Monster Inc." Thor commented.

"Shut up." I said. “Mike gave me an idea on how to find the true identity of Ronnie."

"How?" Thor asked. “Wouldn’t it be Sulley?"

"Who cares?" I said. “They gave me an idea, and we have to wait till Zach is with us so that I can debrief you in everything."

"Whatever lazy chick." Thor said. “Same place at break?"

"Same place." I answer as we both leave separated ways.


"Chill down." I said to Zach and Thor as I told them the plan. 

"Ronnie dude is going to stay here?" Zach asked.

"Yeah. Ronnie and Tom." I answered. “That’s why we have to be really careful when it comes to get info from Ronnie’s desk."

"I think it won’t be that difficult." Thor said as we gave him questionable looks. “I’m creating a bluetooth device that can steal information."

"How good is it?" I asked.

"Still prototype, but if you two help me, maybe we can have it for next week." Thor answered.

"I guess that while we observe Ronnie we can help Thor with that." Zach said. 

"Of course." I said. “See you guys at the end of the day." 

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