Save Phoenix

Hello, I'm Phoenix, a 16 year old teenager, who's a secret spy thanks to my father. I never knew my mother, and my father died whilst he saved me in a mission. To make this more interesting, there is a mission named 'Save Phoenix' and here is the story on how Thor, Zach and I complete the mission.

A tale of trust, lost, and some weird-ass mutation...


24. Save Phoenix Chapter 24


“You don’t understand.” Agent Drew said. “He killed her brother, father, and her mother. Plus, was was she supposed to do? Let him run away?!”

“Anything but shoot him. He’s now at the hospital.” The agent said. “And I don’t care what he did. She is going to loose her job as a spy.”

“You can’t do that to her!” Drew shouted. “She was the one who got all the information we need on both Russo and Tuckle to show the authorities that they were trying to kidnap her so that they could take her DNA and experiment on other people.”

“She’s not supposed to exist.” The agent said. “Get rid of her, before the Capitals come and take her away.”

“But  I do.” I said, butting in the conversation. “I do exist. And I have the right to see in jail the persons who killed my mother, which for your information I never met, my father, and my step brother.”

“You have no right to speak.” The agent said.

“I have every right to speak as you have to breath.” I said standing up. “And let’s leave something clear. I am a mission. And the two bad guys from the mission I am, are now under the custody of the base, thanks to who? Me.”

“Also one of them is on the Hospital.” The agent said. “Thanks to who? You.”

“Listen clearly dude.” I said. “You can try to get rid of me, but you will never succeed, cause I know a whole lot of things that can’t go easily.”

“Don’t push me.” The agent said.

“Plus.” I said. “You will never be able to kidnap me. Not with the help of Russo or Tuckle. Ronnie.” I added and left the room.



“I’m sorry Phoenix.” Bradford said as he helped me pack. “But I can’t stay here. Not after what happened to James, and now less.”

“I understand.”  I said. “I tried to save him. I feel like an idiot thinking that Russo would have actually set him free. I’m sorry.”

“You couldn’t have done anything, what you did was very brave of you.” Bradford said as he stepped closer to me. “It’s not your fault. It will never be.”

“He wants me out.” I said looking straight into Bradford’s eyes. “He says that I’m not supposed to exist, and that they are going to take me away.”

“He wants you out?” Bradford asked. “But that’s impossible. Everyone knows that you are not supposed to exist but you do, and even the Capitals are fine with it. Why would Ronnie want you out?”

“Because he is a double agent and is trying to get what Russo and Tuckle couldn’t.” 

“You’re trying to tell me that Ronnie is working with Tuckle and Russo?” Bradford asked.

“Yes and no.” I said. “He’s working on a different section. He’s like, trying to get me to do the same thing as Tuckle and Russo. But not with them. He’s alone.”

“Do you have any proof?” Bradford asked.

“I will soon.” I said closing the last door. “It’s was really nice living with you.”

“I’ll miss you Phoenix.” Bradford said. “Be nice to George.”

“I’ll try my best.” I said as Bradford left my room.



“Come on Phoenix.” Thor said. “We have to go.”

“Fine!” I sighed. “Let me get dressed.” I added and left to my new room. After James’ death Bradford left the country and I started living with George and Thor. Bradford hadn’t done anything to James, he simply incinerated him and took him with him to Australia… 


Once I was ready I went over to meet with Thor. We had to go to the base and meet with the head of heads, not Drew, but someone of a higher rank… 

I was in deep trouble. But even if they decided to cut me off, I would prove that Ronnie is an impostor…

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