Save Phoenix

Hello, I'm Phoenix, a 16 year old teenager, who's a secret spy thanks to my father. I never knew my mother, and my father died whilst he saved me in a mission. To make this more interesting, there is a mission named 'Save Phoenix' and here is the story on how Thor, Zach and I complete the mission.

A tale of trust, lost, and some weird-ass mutation...


17. Save Phoenix Chapter 17

I woke up the next morning and did everything as usual. Today I was going to create a plan on how to stop two of the biggest and richest guys, from kidnapping me and creating the ‘Virus’. 

I got dressed ( and walked to the kitchen to have some breakfast.

“Hey Bradford.” I said catching his attention. “I have a question.”

“Yeah?” Bradford said.

“I’ve heard something about a mutant, or ‘Virus’.” I said making him choke on his coffee. “What’s that all about.”

“Who told you?”

“I remember my dad talking about it.” I said. “And my mind has never lied to me.”

“I know that Phoenix.” Bradford said. “Why do you want to know about the mutant or ‘Virus’?”

“I’m curios.” I said. “And I also know who killed my father.” 

“What?” Bradford said. “Your father was killed in a mission.”

“Yes. But someone sent a someone to kill him.”

“Nonsense Phoenix.”

“Well, if you don’t want to believe me it’s up to you.” I said. “But I know the truth and Russo is not to be trusted.” I added before leaving up to my room.

I walked back up to my room to finish getting ready.


“Woah! Wait.” Zach said as I explained him and Thor what Bradford told me in the morning. “Bradford doesn’t believes the fact that your father was killed by Russo?”

“No.” I answered. “He told me he died in a mission, like if I wasn’t in that goddamn mission.”

“What are you going to do?” Thor asked.

“Speak with Agent Drew.”

“You’re kidding right?!” both Thor and Zach said.

“No.” I said. “Listen. If someone is going to listen to me is him, and I have a plan.”

“Speak.” Zach said.

“Remember that I was befriending Rick?” I asked and they nodded. “Well, today I have to help him with math.”

“And?” Zach asked.

“Thor fixed the program, and I’ll be able to hack into the Russo database, and retrieve the information I need to prove that he killed my father with the help of Tuckle and the reason why didn’t he kill me.” I said.

“And when you find that out and tell Agent Drew, he’ll have another clue to the SP mission.” Zach said.

“In which he is going to let you participate know that you helped him.” Thor finished.



“So, do you know understand how to graph?” I asked Rick.

“Yes, thank you so much Phoenix.” Rick said.

“Your welcome Rick.” I said. “Hey, would you mind if I check my email here?”

“Not at all.” Rick said. “Here let me give you the password of the wifi.”

I’m about to ruin your life Russo.


“What do you mean I can’t speak with Agent Drew?” I asked his secretary.

“Do you have an appointment?” she asked.

“No.” I answered. “But this is really important?”

“You need an appointment no matter how important your message is.” she said.

“Thank you.” I said and went to visit Thor. 

“Hey.” Thor said. “By your face I’m assuming things didn’t went as planned.”

“Hey.” I answered. “Yeah. But I have another plan.”

“Which is?”

“Enter his office and speak with him.” I said. “Whether he likes it or not.”

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