Cries in the night

Jasmin is haunted by memories. Horrible memories. Her parent's death to be exact. But when Emily Stone adopts her, Jasmin's life turns around. But she can't get these memories out of her head. What will it take to get rid of them? Will she take the risk?


3. Chapter Three

   Jasmin climbed into the backseat of Emily's car and they drove off. Emily lived in a nice little neighborhood in Saginaw, Michigan. On the way there, they picked up Jasmin's things from the social services building. 

   "Here we are!" Emily said, excitement showing in her voice. Emily lived in a nice apartment. It had three rooms; Enily's room, her art room, and Jasmin's room. Jasmin looked around and smiled.

   "There's a nice school just a few blocks down. The kids there are really nice! In fact, in my spare time, I work as an art teacher down there." Emily said, still very excited. "This is so awesome!" Jasmin said smiling. "I'm so glad you like it! Now, time to get you moved in!" Emily said. She led Jasmin down to her new room, which was right next to hers. 

   Jasmin's room was painted a light pink, it was very pretty. There was a small canopy bed by a big window. "Wow! I love my room!" Jasmin said, jumping around the room. "Great! Now I'll get your big things in here, you just bring in your bags." Emily said. Emily moved all the furniture into Jasmin's room, and soon, it was all finished. Jasmin had a home again. 

   "Now, you start school in a few weeks. Every girl needs a new school wardrobe!" Emily said smiling. Jasmin hugged Emily, "Thank you." "My pleasure Jazz."

   Jasmin and Emily shopped for hours and finally, Jasmin had plenty of clothes and supplies. 


Jasmin fell asleep that night, happy. For the first time in a long time, Jasmin Winters was happy. 

Too bad Life has to ruin things.

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