Cries in the night

Jasmin is haunted by memories. Horrible memories. Her parent's death to be exact. But when Emily Stone adopts her, Jasmin's life turns around. But she can't get these memories out of her head. What will it take to get rid of them? Will she take the risk?


6. Chapter Six

   Her nightmare went on. Every Night. Since that night. It was driving her crazy. Until one day, she cut. Jasmin came home one day after school, and the memories flooded her. She grabbed a knife, and pressed the blade against her wrist. Blood gushed out of the freshly cut skin. The pain was in-bearable. But Jasmin thought it was a way to repay her parents. So she cut. To Jasmin, it was her fault. So she had to deal with the pain her parents endured. 

   Jasmin was twelve when she started cutting. She eventually stopped when she turned fifteen. But the pain and memories were still there.


*Five years later* 

   Jasmin shot up from her sleep, her heart racing. "I'm sorry guys." She whispered to her parent's photograph that sat next to her bed. She kissed it, then went into the bathroom to get ready.

   Today Jasmin had a really important test. She had to pass it in order to graduate. Jasmin had to graduate in order to go into the music business. That was her deal with Emily.

   Jasmin straightened her hair, then put in her lucky red ribbon. She went back into her room and put on a gray sweatshirt and some skinny jeans. Then she put on black flats. She looked like Emily did, well, besides the black hair. They were both somewhat pale, weren't skinny but weren't fat either, and were short. But Jasmin liked it, it seemed like they were really related.

   Jasmin went over to her desk and wrote down some more lyrics for her song. She had made ten songs, and when she graduated, she would record them and make a CD. It took a while, but she was on her tenth song at the time.

   She went out to the kitchen and had some toast. Emily wa already out there eating. "Good morning Jazz." Emily said with a smile. "Morning Em!" Jasmin said, putting bread into the toaster. "I heard you have a big test today, bet you'll do great." Emily said as Jasmin sat down. "Yeah, I put in my lucky red ribbon. I have todo good. I studied all weekend!" "Hey, if you do good, I'll buy you that recording set we saw at the music store." Emily said with a smile. "Really?! Oh my gosh!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!" Jasmin yelled, giving Emily a big hug. "Okay Okay!" Emily said laughing. "I gotta go! Bye Em!" Jasmin said, grabbing her bag and running out the door.

   Jasmin jumped in her car and drove to school; singing all the way there.

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