Cries in the night

Jasmin is haunted by memories. Horrible memories. Her parent's death to be exact. But when Emily Stone adopts her, Jasmin's life turns around. But she can't get these memories out of her head. What will it take to get rid of them? Will she take the risk?


1. Chapter One

   Those memories, those awful memories, are like demons. They haunt you. They kill you from the inside. They never go away. For Jasmin, that memory, was her parent's death. She didn't see it coming. Kind of like her parents didn't see that drunk driver coming. 

   Jasmin was only six years old. She was sitting in the back of her mom's car, on her way to the movies with her parents. Jasmin and her mom were laughing at a joke her dad just told. They came to a red-light. The light turned green. Jasmin's dad drove the car forward, just as a drunk driver slammed into the side of their car. 

   The car flipped all the way into a near-by parking lot. Their were sirens, lights flashing, people screaming. Jasmin looked into the front of the car. "Mom?" She managed to whisper. Her mother had her head on the window; blood streaming down her face. Jasmin started to cry. "Dad?" Jasmin cried. Her father's head was leaning on the steering wheel. His entire side was a pool of blood; a huge piece of glass stuck in his forehead. Jasmin climbed out of the car.

   "Help!" Jasmin cried. Some men came and put Jasmin on a stretcher. "Mommy! Daddy!" She cried out. The men put Jasmin into an ambulance. 

   The last time Jasmin saw her parents, they were in black bags; being carried into an ambulance.

   Jasmin reached the hospital. She ended up having a broken wrist, a broken leg, a concussion, and a fracture in her neck. She recovered fine though. Just some Battle-Scars to remind her of her past. 


   Jasmin had no one. She was alone. The only person that was there, was a nurse named Emily Stone. She was fairly young, probably about twenty five, and she loved that little girl so much. 

   Soon social services came and took Jasmin. She screamed and cried, but they took her. Jasmin was put up for Adoption.

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