Cries in the night

Jasmin is haunted by memories. Horrible memories. Her parent's death to be exact. But when Emily Stone adopts her, Jasmin's life turns around. But she can't get these memories out of her head. What will it take to get rid of them? Will she take the risk?


5. Chapter Five

   That night, Emily told Jasmin what happened. How her parents died. She told her about the drunk driver, and how he crashed into their car. Jasmin was devastated. 

   Of course Jasmin was sad, she always would be, but life went on. She went to school, made a friend, and just lived life.


*Five Years Later*

   Jasmin lived her life. She didn't have many friends though. People thought she was just average. They didn't care about her. Except for her long time best friend, Amber Kingston. It was them against the world. And Jasmin became used to that. She didn't care about popularity. She just cared about her music.

   Jasmin went to bed, like any other night. She did her usual routine; brush her teeth, put her hair in a ponytail, put on pajama pants, and went to bed. It was all normal and good, but yet that night, would be the worst night of her life. That was the night, her nightmares came.

   "Jasmin. Why didn't you warn me?" The words rang through her skull. Her dad, dying in the car, burned through her mind. "You could've saved us." Her mother whispered. Jasmin began to shake. "But-" Jasmin whispered hoarsely. "Worthless daughter. Can't even save her own parents." Her parents said in unison. 

   Jasmin shot awake. "NO!!" She screamed. Emily rushed into the room. "What's wrong?! Are you hurt?! Are you okay?!" Emily yelled frantically. Jasmin was in tears. "M-my parents... I-I could've s-saved them!" Jasmin cried. "Baby, you didn't see the car. They didn't see the car! It's not your fault. Nobody blames you!" Emily said, holding Jasmin. Jasmin kept crying. Emily walked out of the room, then came back with some tissues and some tea. "Here, now take some deep breaths." Emily and Jasmin took some deep breaths. Emily tucked Jasmin back into bed. Then she left and went back to her room.

   Jasmin layed back down, squeezing her pillow tight. 'It's all my fault...' Jasmin thought to herself, drifting back into her dreadful nightmare.

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