Clarity *A Zayn Malik Fanfic*

Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn't need
Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don't know why
If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?


5. Niall and Zayn's Family

"Ehmm is Zayn home miss?" A thick irish accent asked me. I looked up and started to cry more. "No!" I sobbed. He sat beside me and hugged me. "I'm Niall and you must be London." He said. I looked up into his icy blue eyes, but they looked cold but they were still warm. "Niall how do you know Zayn?" I asked. He laughed a little. "I'm Normans grandson I have known Zayn for over 6 years." He said with a warm smile. Despite the situation he made me feel a little better.

"Niall do you have Zayn's dad's number?" I asked.

"Um no but I do have his address. Do you want it?" He asked. I nodded and he led me into Normans apartment. He opened a drawer and pulled out a slip of paper the handed it to me. "Good luck London if you need anything don't be afraid to knock." He said before I left I snuck into Zayn's apartment and opened up the couch coushion. Surprisingly I found lods of cash. I grabed a few hundred dollars and hailed a cab. 


"that will be $30 please." The driver said. I pulled out two twenties. "Keep the change" I said before stepping out. I looded stright ahead to the big white house that stood infront of me. I walked up to the door and knocked. I young girl about 14 opened the door.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hi. Where is Mr. Malik?" I asked.

"Oh come in he is down the hall." She said. I bolted down the hall and burst into the room.


"We need to talk." I said calmly and bluntly.

" About what?" He asked.

"Zayn. Your son." I spat.

" I have not seen him in a long time. He ran away."

"Bullshit. Is that the sob story you told your daughter? Maybe his mum would listen to me?" I said raising my voice then a women walked in.

"What about Zayn?" She asked.

"He was arrested today." 

"For what?"

"They said the kidnapping and rape of me. But the thing is, is that he saved me from my rapist of a boyfriend. Mr. Malik I need you to be his attorney. Please. He can't go down for this." I begged. His mother started to cry. His father had a cold gaze on me. I returned it. 

"No. I will not represent him in court." He said coldly. Zayn's mother started to cry harder.

"You sick bastard. You kicked him out at 14! You are nothing! God he could have asked for anyone in the world to represent him but NOOO he had to ask for his piece of shit father! GO ROT IN HELL!" I screamed while storming out. I was furious. Who could do that and have no remorse. Tears flooded my face. With my dad on the case and James as a witness Zayn was going to jail. I was about to leave when the girl that let me in stopped me.

"What about Zayn?" She asked I cried harder.

"Ask you father its not my place to tell." I said. I wanted to tell her, to let her know what her father did why her brother wasn't coming home.

"Is he okay?" She asked. I shook my head yes not wanting to scare her. "Tell him I love him." She said. I started to cry again. I was half way down there drive way when I was stopped again.

"I will do it. And I'm Richard. Now lets go." He said while pulling me into his car. It was about a 15 minute ride to the police station. We walked in and found our way to Zayn. He was cuffed to the table and he had his head in his hands. I opened the door and he looked up. His cheek was bruised and his eyebrow and lip were cut. Tears stung my eyes. His expression hardened when his father walked in. "Hello, Zayn. What happened?" He asked setting the brief case down.

"Hey. Well I was walking down the path on my way home from work through the park when I saw London sitting under a tree crying. I walked over and asked her if she was all right. She didn't answer she just looked up and that is when I saw the hand print on her cheek. I sat down next to her she started to cry into my. Thats when her ex came back. He went to hit me the London stepped in front. He didn't care he went to hit me again but I dodged it. We got into a full fledged fight. I got off of him and he ran off. I looked back at her and she wasn't moving. She was breathing fine and there was no blood so I figured she blacked out. I picked her up and took her to my place. She woke up and she was fine staying. We slept on the couch then I woke up in the mourning. She was still asleep so I went to my home gym and started to work out when she came looking for me. One thing lead to another and we ended up having sex. CONSENSUAL sex. Then she walked out. I chased after her because even though we didn't know each other very well I loved her. She kissed me and then Nana interrupted us. We talked and then we went back to my place. Thats when her dad showed up. He is the lead detective." Zayn explained looking at me the whole time. I felt horrible, I did this to him.

"Okay so that matches her story. Zayn what happened to your face?" Richard asked.

"Her dad and another cop tried to slap some lies outta me." He said. It's official I was going to kill him. Richard sighed and stood up then left the room.

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