Clarity *A Zayn Malik Fanfic*

Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn't need
Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don't know why
If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?


6. Court

Richard's POV

When London burst into my study to talk to me about Zayn I was shocked. I agreed to help. She was beside herself. Also Patricia would have killed me if I didn't. When I stepped into the interrogation room I expected to see a scrawny 14 year old boy. Instead I saw a grow man, he had a light stubble and blonde in his hair. He had tattoos lining his arm. He was all grown up. I got his side of the story. When I heard that the cops ruffed him up in the room I knew that the case was in my favor. I was getting ready for court. 


"May the defendant please rise." The judge said. Zayn stood.

"Who will be representing you?" He asked. Zayn said me. He sat down and I called my first witness to the stand. London told the jury and judge what happened. I then called Zayn up. He told his side of the story and soon I called up Anne (Nana). Now came my part.

"Your honor. My client Zayn Malik pleads not guilty to all charges. The is a lack of evidence to support the prosecution. Not to mention that the lead detective is the girls father in my eyes and many others that is a conflict of interest. The prosecutions only witness is the abusive ex boyfriend who is currently on parole." I finished the jury left the room. I looked over to Zayn and London. He was trying to comfort her. "What if they find you guilty?" I heard her ask. "The only thing that I am guilty of is loving you Lo. Please don't worry." I heard him say. He could be possibly be going to jail and he didn't seem to care he only cared about her. I was about to sleep when the jury walked back in. An envelope was past to the judge. He open the letter and began to read. 

"The unanimous decision of the members of the jury find the defendant Zayn Malik..... not guilty on all charges. You are free to go." The judge said. A smile spread across Zayn's face as London jumped into his arms. 

"Thank you so much." They both said to me. Tears of joy flowed down both of their faces. 

"Zayn I think it is time you come home. Your mum and sister want to see you." I said. Zayn nodded then went off to get changed. He came out in a pair of true religion jeans, a guns and roses tee, he also had a pair of white supras on. London and him followed me silently to the car. 

Zayn's POV


I got out of the car and followed Rich to the house. I stepped in and he called out to my mum. She came out from the hall where I last saw her. Her jaw dropped when she saw me. "Zayn?" She whispered. I nodded. She started to cry. I kicked off my shoes and walked up to her. I wiped her tears away. "Don't cry Mum." I told her. She just continued trying to stop them. I pulled her into a hug trying to get her to calm down. She pulled away and touched my cheek. "My baby boy is all grown up.... I missed you." She said. Thats when I remembered they abandoned me. I stepped back from her. "No. I am not your baby boy, I am not your anything, you didn't. If you truly did then you would have come looking for me. You never missed me Patricia." I said coldly. They left me alone at 14 to face the real world. "How dare you speak to your mother like that. We raised you better." Richard spat. I felt the one something that held all my anger inside break.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! YOU DIDN'T RAISE ME! YOU HANDED ME A CHANGE OF CLOTHES AND MONEY THEN TOLD ME TO GET OUT! AT FUCKING 14! YOU PRICK! I FUCKING LOVED YOU BOTH AND YOU JUST KICKED ME TO THE CURB! I HATE YOU! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU! YOU WILL NEVER BE MY FATHER! YOU TWO LEFT ME nearly killed me and you never cared." I whispered the last part. I self consciously shoved my hands into my pockets. My mum looked at me with concern. My dad had stormed off. 

"What did you do Zayn?" She asked her voice dripping with concern. My hands went further into my pockets. She grabbed one. She flipped it over and traced her thumb over the scars. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. I pulled me hand back and walked towards London. "We are leaving." I said, my voice was dry and bitter. London laced her fingers in mine. Thats when the front door opened. I turned around to see my little sister. "Jenny? Who is this?" Her friend asked. "He is hot!" The other one said like I wasn't there. I looked Jen straight in the eyes. She walked up to me. Suddenly I felt a white hot pain in my cheek. My little sister slapped me? What the hell? "How dare you leave and then come back and act like everything is okay? You are an asshole Zayn!" She yelled. They didn't tell her? She thought I ran away. Tears flowed down my face. 

"Jen... I didn't want to. Please I love you." I pleaded.

"Then why did you? Zayn I looked up to you. You were my everything. All I ever talked about at school was you. You wonder why I would follow you around and annoy you, well it was because I wanted to be with you all the time." She said.

"Dad told me too J. He gave me a bag and some cash then told me to get out. I never stopped loving you J, I always think of you." I cried. Tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes did. She ran to me and hugged me. I fell to my knees holding my sister again. We were both crying. "J I have to go again here is my number call for what ever reason okay?" I told her.

"Why do you have to go again?" She asked.

"Because... I  can't stand Rich. I hate being on the same street as him he caused so much damage and he thinks that he can still do whatever he wants sickens me J. You can come visit me when ever you want okay? I love you." I said before leading London out the door to the cab station. We got into a cab and gave them my address. Then my phone started to ring. 

"Hello?" I asked. "Zayn It's me." My sister said from the other end. She sounded more upset from when I left. "Yah? Whats wrong J?"

"Dad... He said that I was just like you.... Zayn he kicked me out." She said breaking out into sobs. I yelled at the cab driver to turn around and step on it. "J don't do anything stupid I'm on my way." I told her. I hung up the phone. I looked at London.

"He kicked her out?" She asked.

"Yeah... Imma kill that bastard. She is 14!" I said. Anger, rage, sorrow, and hatred seething from my veins. London grabbed my hand and tried to calm me down. She hugged me that's when I broke down. She held me till the cab stopped. I got out and London stayed with the cab. I saw Jen sitting on the side walk with her head in her hands. I opened the boot of the cab and threw the back in. I picked her up and put her into the cab. "Lo, I will be right back." I told her. "Zayn don't get hurt." She told me I chuckled. I walked up the steps and banged on the door. My dad opened it. 

"How dare you? You haven't learned your fucking lesson. You are going straight to hell I hope you rot." I spat. What happened next I was not expecting. He threw his fist out and made harsh contact with my face. He grabbed a bat and pushed me to the lawn. He swung and the wood made contact with my side. I was thrown to the ground. I heard a scream but I didn't have time to see where it came from before he took another swing at me. I yelped in pain as I felt a rib crack. I looked up to see Richard lying on the ground unconscious  I rolled over on the grass. London lent over me. "I thought that I told you not to get hurt." She said with tears running down her face. I reached up and pulled her down. Pain shooting through every inch of me. I felt her warm lips against mine that's when I blacked out.

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