The girl on the horse

Natalie is a normal girl from doncaster england whose parents just happen to own a riding school Louis Tomlinson's sister Lottie rides at. What happens when Louis and Natalie become good friends and she meets one of his bandmate?? does love blossum or hate??



Natalie’s POV:

I woke up from the constant beeping of my alarm clock. I had set it for 5:30am so I could help out at the barn/stables. I got out of bed and flinched when I placed my barefeet on the cold wood floor. I ran to my bathroom and turned the shower on. Waiting for it to heat up I uickly went into my closet and got out my riding school instructor stop which is blue with ‘Doncaster Riding’ embroided on the left and grabbed my crème jodphurs and pink fluffy socks. Remebering my shower I raced to the shower stripped off my blue polka dot pjs and jumped straight in. After about 5 to 10 minutes in the shower I turned it off and wrapped myself in my purple fluffy towel. I dried my self then put on  my bra and panties then got into my riding gear. I dried my hair brushed it and ties it up in a pony tail then raced down stairs. I got into the kitchen grabbed a bowl and a spoon and put my favourite ceareal Coco pops into my bowl. I poured milk into my bowl and quickly ate after I placed my bowl in the sink I started cutting up some apples and carrots for the horses. I placed the apples and carrots into a container and grabbed my gumboot and ran up to the stables. I quickly checked the board to see what horses I had to go and catch “tia, Dream, Mint and Rocko” I said to myself. I grabbed there  halters and ran to the paddocks. First paddock had Mint in it so I grabbed him and tied him up to the twine that was by the fence. I then raced to paddock 4 and caught dream and rocko and did the same with them. I went into the back paddock and saw Tia eating grass I slowly walked over to her put the halter on then tied the lead rope up like reins and mounted. She immediately knew who I was and pricked her ears up “off we go girl” I said and then we trotted over to where Dream, Mint and Rocko were. I untied the others and lead them over to the barn. I placed the horses into there boxes and took their covers off. I cheched the time 8:30!! I was shocked the first rider will be here any minute so I raced to the tack room and grabbed Tia and Mint’s Bridles and put them into their box and raced back to get the saddles and saddle blankets. I first tacked up Tia in record speed (not really) then did the same with Mint. Just as I finished tacking him up Lottie yes the Lottie Tomlinson came skipping into the barn. “Hey lottie!” I said with enthusiamism “Hey nat guess who came to see me ride today!” she said while patting mint “who?’  “MY BROTHER!!!” she yells “shhhhhhh don’t spook the horses!” I say “oh sorry but he is on break for the next 3 months so him and his band are staying with us but his band only comes next week!” she says bounding with energy “oh cool come on get your helmet on and get on” I say while mounting with my helmet already on “oh yea so today are we jumping??” she asks and I nod. We go out into the arena and I see and guy getting out the car with light brown hair but I also see antoher guy getting out with blonde hair with brown roots. “Lottie whos that guy??” I ask confused “oh Louis is my brother the taller one and the other is niall one of his band mates I didn’t realize he was coming” she says “ok lets start but trotting around 2 circles and then cantering 3” We did the warm up then went over a small jump around 50cm. Once the horses were warmed up I set up and 80cm jump “Lottie is this too high?” I ask “umm can you do it first pllleeaase..” “ok fine” I canter Tia in a Circle then line her up for the jump 3..2…1… JUMP and over we went. I moved out the was so lottie could go she jumped it with ease! “YES” Lottie and I exclaimed. “ok that should be enough for today” I say whilst walking back up to the barn with lottie following. We dimount and place the horses back in their box and untack. I see Louis and Niall come over to Lottie.

Niall’s POV:

Louis convinced me to go and watch his younger sister Lottie’s horse riding lesson. We arrived and I saw the most beautiful teaching the lesson. After the lesson Louis and I walked over to Lottie “great job lottie” I heard Louis say. “thanks come meet Natalie louis and niall!!!!!” she says so we walk over the beautiful girl whose name I just learned was Natalie

Natalie’s POV:

I saw Louis and niall walk over to me with lottie. I saw niall and he was FIT well Louis was too but niall WOW. “Natalie this is Louis and Niall” Lottie explained “lottie we can introduce ourselves Hi im Louis!” he said excitedly “and im niall” he said staring into my eyes which made me blush a little “im Natalie Anderson” I say with a smile my confidence back.We ended up chatting for about and hour in the barn when my dad came in and got rocko and dream. “oh my look at the time we have to go!” Louis exclaimed. I saw niall and Lotties face drop. “Natalie would you like to come over??” Louis ask me “umm sure but can I have a uick shower first??” the nod so I race down to the house…

A/N: so what do you think should I continue????? Plz comment!! This is my first fan fic!


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