Cyber Harry

*New And Improved Version Of Cyber Harry*

Harry Styles, her bully. SecretGuy, the boy she was slowly falling in love with. But the thing is, She never expected them to be the same person.


3. Cyber Harry~Chapter Two

"Bye guys, I'll text you later!" I told Lacie and Gianna as I got off the bus. I walked to my house, and took out the house key. I opened the door, and made my way to the kitchen. where mum was. "Hey Mere" my mum said. She was cutting up some vegetables. She was obsessed with making organic juices, and to me, they tasted terrible. I don't like vegetables, at all. I don't know how she does.

"Hey mum" I said. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and it was a message from 'SecretGuy'. He had given me his numbee, but I still had no idea who he was. 

Hey Merebear, how was school? ~ SecretGuy

I smiled at the nickname he gave me while back. "Hey tonight I'm going out with Noah, so you can order a pizza if you'd like to" Mum said handing me a crisp twenty dollar bill. "Thanks mum" I said as I walked to my small, yet cozy, room, I put the money away in my jewelry box for later.

We didn't live in a big house, but it was a two bedroom house, with two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and dining room. It was a really nice house, and it didn't matter if it was small or not. I practically grew up in this house. I laid back on my bed and started to text 'SecretGuy'.  

It was alright, could've been better ~ Lanny

I picked Lanny as my screen name since my last name is Lancaster, and well, I basically have no creativity so I couldn't come up with a better nickname. Either way, I already told SecretGuy who I am. It doesn't really matter because we're in the same school either way.

Aw that sucks, that Harry douche bothering you again?~SecretGuy

Yup, same old shit everyday ~ Lanny

He'll get tired of it eventually ~ SecretGuy

I doubt it.

At least school is almost over, I can finally find out who you are! ~ Lanny

 At the end of the year, you would find out who the person who were assigned to was, that means I would get to find out who SecretGuy finally is! 

Hey, have you bought your prom ticket already? ~ SecretGuy

Yeah, why? ~ Lanny

Because, I would like for you to accompany me to prom, as in being my prom date. We can finally meet up, and you can see who I am ~ SecretGuy

I started to smile. For the rest of the day, we started to talk about prom, and where we were going to meet. Prom was in about three weeks. Today was Friday, and I'm pretty sure mum wouldn't mind going to the dress boutique tomorrow.

Mum was already gone, and I was started to get really hungry, so I ordered a medium cheese pizza from Dominos, and spent the rest of my night talking to this mystery guy. I wish I knew who he was already.


A/N: okay this is really, really short. don't kill me! I start school in four days so I'm REALLY stressed out so I'll try to update again before Sunday.


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