Falling Slowly

Holly is a 8th grader and it is her dream to get the lead in the school play. Because the lead girl always romances with a boy in the musical. Holly believes in love at first sight. Is it real??Will she fall in love with the boy who plays her partner? Find out in Falling Slowly<3


4. First day of rehearsal :)

Hollys POV

im so excited for today we are finally starting rehearsals ahhh I can't wait to rehearse with Jordan !!

Jordans POV

im glad were starting auditions today! I got the song me and holly are gonna sing I learned it on my guitar. I wonder why I can't get her smile and eyes out of my head!

Hollys POV

mr Tomlinson said for us to meet in the auditorium and everyone was there and mr Tomlinson told everyone that was in a certain scene to be on stage and me and Jordan weren't in that scene and he told us to go practice and me Tomlinson had brought a friend to help with our play and was gonna help us practice his name was Mr Malik and he said just to call him Zayn . Then me and Jordan started singing and zayn stopped us and said "you guys need to look in love. Holly get closer to him and like lean on his shoulder ok" then I agreed and did as told. As we performed our song.

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