Falling Slowly

Holly is a 8th grader and it is her dream to get the lead in the school play. Because the lead girl always romances with a boy in the musical. Holly believes in love at first sight. Is it real??Will she fall in love with the boy who plays her partner? Find out in Falling Slowly<3


5. Day of shows!!

After a month and a half of rehearsals it was the day of the shows we had a 3 o clock showing and that went well. And now it's our last showing and my whole family is here and I'm super duper nervous . Right now I'm siting in a corner trying to control my heart beat by breathing calmly. Then Jordan comes over to me and gets on his knees and looks at me and says "you nervous?" And I say "yes most I ever been in my life" and Jordan says " hey look at me in the eyes the whole time you'll do great ok" and I say "ok thanks" and he help me get up and it was time for the show. 

Then is was our scene and I got on stage said my lines and it was time. Jordan and I were sitting on the edge of the stage and starting singing and he was playing his guitar and I was leaning on his shoulder and right and the end of the song he stared into my eyes and leaned in and kissed me. 

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