Falling Slowly

Holly is a 8th grader and it is her dream to get the lead in the school play. Because the lead girl always romances with a boy in the musical. Holly believes in love at first sight. Is it real??Will she fall in love with the boy who plays her partner? Find out in Falling Slowly<3


3. Cast list is up!

It lunch I hope Mr Tomlinson put up the list. Me and my friends ran to see who got which part we go to the board in the back of the auditorium . 

Cast list for Once

Lydia- Holly



oh my gosh I got the lead I'm in tears. Jordan comes and sees the list and his friends were behind him and Jordan came up to me and hugged me and said " I'm excited to work with you " and his friends were like " oooo go Jordan ". Oh this musical will be interesting.


Sorry for the short chapter.Keep reading ! Thanks

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