Falling Slowly

Holly is a 8th grader and it is her dream to get the lead in the school play. Because the lead girl always romances with a boy in the musical. Holly believes in love at first sight. Is it real??Will she fall in love with the boy who plays her partner? Find out in Falling Slowly<3


2. Auditions!!

Omg Im soo excited for auditions!! I wanna know who is auditioning for my part too. I really wanna know who  is auditioning for the boy part? I hope Jordan is , I really hope I get the part and jordan does to.(Jordan is my crush) 

For the auditions we had to sing a song and I sang Kiss me by Ed Sheeran .   After I sang, it was Jordan's turn he brought his guitar and he sang the scientist by Coldplay. He did really good! He got a standing ovation! I told him he did really good and he said thanks and gave me a hug. Then Mr. Tomlinson told us the cast list will be posted at lunch I'm sooo nervous.   Hey guys I will post the next chapter later tonight k .Thanks for reading Don't forget to Comment
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