Falling Slowly

Holly is a 8th grader and it is her dream to get the lead in the school play. Because the lead girl always romances with a boy in the musical. Holly believes in love at first sight. Is it real??Will she fall in love with the boy who plays her partner? Find out in Falling Slowly<3


6. After the show

We all bowed and got off stage and went to Applebee's the whole cast went and me and Jordan and some friends sat at a table when all a sudden my friends left me and Jordan at the table to go sing karaoke. Then Jordan said " holly ever since we started singing that song together I instantly felt attracted to you I never realized how beautiful you are and how much I wanna be with you till tonight. Soo... Will you go out with me?" . I was in shock I can't believe he likes me! and I said " yes" and we hugged and my friends came back and sat down and said come with me holly I need to go to the bathroom and they dragged me to the bathrooms and said " what did you say!" And I said " what do u think I said I said yes duh! I've had a crush on him since the beginning of the year." Then they said" yey im soo happy for u!!" We went back to the table and I sat next to Jordan and he grabbed my hand and held my hand under the table. When I had to leave he walked me home cause we live next to each other. He held me hand  and protected me  the whole time . We got to my house and he walked me to the door and said " good night have set dreams " and kissed me. Then he walked to his house and went to bed.

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