The Best Skype Call Ever!!

Well, to get know some of the story. There these 3 teenage girls Abbi, Jordyn, and Christen they spent the night with each other one Friday night and got really bored so they got on Skype and called a lot of people famous but only one person famous answered the call....... It was Harry Styles from one direction. Read it to find out what happens in the Skype call and in the future with these 3 girls. :)


8. Talking to THE HARRY STYLES

                   CHRISTEN P.O.V

  Abbi  finally put her head up to look at Harry. I belly flopped on the hard floor. THAT REALLY HURT TOO! When we finally stopped laughing, Harry asked,"So what are you guys  names ," we all said at the time,"Ok I will introduce us," Then we started giggling and I said," Hey, I'm Christen! That's C-H-R-I-S-T-E-N," I started laughing and he said," Nice to meet you Christen," "YOU TOO," I screamed. Then it was Jordyn's turn. I poked Jordyn telling her it was her turn. She said," Oh! Sorry. I'm Jordyn" then I started spelling her name. I said,"That's J-O-R," before I could finish Jordyn slammed her hand on my mouth before I finished. When her hand hit my mouth, it hurt really bad and  I screamed in pain. Then, Abbi looked at the camera and said,"I'm Abbi," with a sweet smile that she has. Jordyn is smart because she kept her hand on my mouth. Then, I licked her finger. Then all of the sudden she screamed bloody murder screaming,"YOU WEIRDO! YOU LICKED MY HAND! Ahhhh." Then she looked at Harry with a smiled and he smiled back. Then she started giggling and said to Harry," I will be right back." Before she got up she slapped me on the side of the face. I said," Abbi and Harry did you see that! That's child abuse!" Then Harry said," Umm.. Christen you don't look like a child. Haha!"Then I looked at Abbi and she is laughing then she said," I didn't see it!" Then I said," I see how it is meanie heads! You guys like Jordyn better I get that." I started fake crying and they could tell and started laughing. I could already tell that Harry and us would be best friends! 








Heyyyy! I will do the next chapter in about in a couple of hours :)


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