The Best Skype Call Ever!!

Well, to get know some of the story. There these 3 teenage girls Abbi, Jordyn, and Christen they spent the night with each other one Friday night and got really bored so they got on Skype and called a lot of people famous but only one person famous answered the call....... It was Harry Styles from one direction. Read it to find out what happens in the Skype call and in the future with these 3 girls. :)


12. Talking to one direction


Ok so, Jordyn decided to scare me for payback and jumped on me and it scaried the crap out of me! I went running out of her bedroom and ran to the kitchen I got a banana and walked back up to Jordyn's room. When I walked in, I heard her laptop ringing and they weren't answering it,so I took it from them and answered it. I put it in front of us so Harry could see all of us.  I looked at Jordyn and Abbi and their face was priceless I hit Jordyn in the arm and I hit Abbi in the head. Jordyn started laughing and Abbi was screaming THAT HURT CHRISTEN!  And  Harry looked at us and said," The girl can speak!" And then Abbi said," Yes I can!" And then Jordyn was laughing so hard and Harry yelled," Hey Niall, I found someone with your laugh!" Then you hear Niall in the background saying," Really?!? I'll be out there in a sec!" Then I looked at Jordyn because she was looking at me with a really evil smile. I knew what she was doing! Then said turn to the boys and said," Harry, do you think Niall can hear me?" And Harry looked where niall was and turned the volume up on his laptop and said," Ok, now he can." And Jordyn said," ok thanks. " and I kept on looking at the boys and Jordyn with my mouth open and then she said," hey Niall there is also a girl  that's in love with you!!!" And I heard him said, "woo!!!" 

Then we started talking to the boys. They turned out to act just like us! Niall said," Ok so, from left to right you guys names are Christen,Jordyn,and Abbi right?" And I said," That's correct, Mr. Horan!" The he said to Jordyn," Then who's the one that loves me?" And Jordyn pointed at means I just said," heyyyyyyyyy." Then Liam said," I think we need to meet!" And Jordyn said," Well we're going to your take me home concert." And then Zayn said,"Cool. What state?" And we said Flordia.( I didn't know what state to put just put your state if you live in the US) then Louis said," Well will have to send you VIP tickets!" I never thought that we would ever meet the biggest boy band in the world. And we would become friends!

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