The Best Skype Call Ever!!

Well, to get know some of the story. There these 3 teenage girls Abbi, Jordyn, and Christen they spent the night with each other one Friday night and got really bored so they got on Skype and called a lot of people famous but only one person famous answered the call....... It was Harry Styles from one direction. Read it to find out what happens in the Skype call and in the future with these 3 girls. :)


3. Finally the sleepover



                                            Jordyn's P.O.V

 After the bell rung for us to go home Christen, Abbi,I,and the rest of the class got out of  our seats and to the door of the classroom. When we got out of the crowded door, We all went to our lockers. Of course we didn't have the same home room  so we went in different ( me and Abbi has the same homeroom while Christen didn't) directions. Christen went to to the left as Abbi and I went to the right. While walking down the long hallway to our lockers, I got a text. I got my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen and it said new message from Christen. I slid my finger across the bottom to unlock it and put my pass code in it. When we finally got to our lockers, I looked at the message from Christen that read Hey, I'm about to go to my house some people are going to be there but my mom said all I have to do is stay over there for like 30 min. to a hour. Is that ok?:) I read it out loud and Abbi looked up at me and said,"Well........ WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY!!!!!!" When she finished screaming at me, I covered my ears with my hands and  then started laughing someone needs some to STOP YELLING!!!! I got my phone back out and text this to Christen ' Hey, it's ok come when you need to!:) see you soon!' When I finished texting to her Abbi said, " Hey, I'm leaving I will be there maybe at 4:00-6:00 somewhere around that time. Just text me when Christen is there if I'm not there already." I replied," Ok I will. See you soon!" She said," Ok!" We both said goodbye to each other.Christen walked over and put her hand on my shoulder and she said," See you later. Can't wait,Jordyn!" "Me either," I said. We both walked out together since our cars are near each other. When I got in my car,which is a Kia Soul, I put my bag in the passenger seat and started the car. Before I started to back out of the parking lot, I played with my radio and turned it to a pop station and the song playing was "22" by: Taylor Swift. That song was at the end when I started my car and changed it to that station the radio person said," Next we have the awesome British/ Irish boyband that we love named ONE DIRECTION!!! Here it is "Kiss You." I was like a HUGE fan of one direction!!!! Right then I was really happy that I was at a stop sign because I started like fangirling really bad and when I gained my breath, I jammed to it and I'm pretty sure the cars next to me on the road could hear the music. When the song was over, I was already in my drive way and I turned the engine off and got my bag and ran in to clean my room. My mom was in the living room reading a book and she usually didn't care if my friends came over or spent the night. I went up to her and sat right beside her and said," Christen and Abbi are coming over is that ok?" " Yeah! Do u want me to make dinner?" " No, we will go get pizza or something," I said. "Ok," my mom said. I went running to the stairs to go to my room and grabbed the hamper in my bathroom and got all of my dirty clothes off of my floor and made my bed. Finally, my whole room was spotless! Then I heard it my phone go off which meant I had a text...............

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