The Best Skype Call Ever!!

Well, to get know some of the story. There these 3 teenage girls Abbi, Jordyn, and Christen they spent the night with each other one Friday night and got really bored so they got on Skype and called a lot of people famous but only one person famous answered the call....... It was Harry Styles from one direction. Read it to find out what happens in the Skype call and in the future with these 3 girls. :)


2. A/N and Chapter 2 :p

                                                     A/N: HEY ONCE AGAIN!!!!! I'M ON MY DESKTOP AND IT'S A STUPID,IDIOTIC COMPUTER!!! SO BARE WITH ME PLEASE. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT


                                                                Abbi's P.O.V

I walk into 7th period and find my two idiot friends,Christen and Jordyn, balancing pencils on their noses. Since it's the end of the year, we could sit anywhere we wanted to. I walk up to them and smack the pencils off of their noses while both of them scream HEY!. I started laughing while saying sorry. Mr.Lawson screamed over the class telling us to be quiet to give us the directions for the next 50 min. we're in there. Mr. Lawson said,"Ok class, we are going to watch some videos if you don't want to watch it then you may talk to your friends." How we were sitting in this class was Christen to the left of me and Jordyn to the right of me sitting in the very back away from Mr.Lawson's desk. Jordyn looked up and said,"When and how are you gonna get to my house?" Christen and I looked at each other and looked at Jordyn like she was a 2 year old. "You know we can drive right," I said while moving my index finger back and forth to me and Christen. She said,"Ok, next question. When will you get there?" I said," Whatever time you want us to be there. I really don't care. I'm pretty sure Christen and I have to pack to come over." Jordyn said," Yeah didn't think about that. How about when ever you are ready and done with everything you need to do you can come over and wait for the other person?" "Yeah, we can do that!" Christen said. "Ok just text me before you leave so I know when to like know when you're coming," Jordyn said. "Ok," me and Christen said at the same time. We finally figured the whole thing out and right when we got done the bell rung and now time to get home and enjoy what the night  is going to come.





Sorry it's short. I don't like my desktop!!!!! ( to much work to do! haha)  In chapter 3 i will try to make longer :)

AGAIN IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN PUT IN THERE TO MAKE THIS STORY PERFECT TELL ME AND I WILL TRY TO DO THAT. I just have a feeling that this story is gonna be bad. Oh well! I'll try my best!!!

Much love,

       Reggilou <3

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