The Best Skype Call Ever!!

Well, to get know some of the story. There these 3 teenage girls Abbi, Jordyn, and Christen they spent the night with each other one Friday night and got really bored so they got on Skype and called a lot of people famous but only one person famous answered the call....... It was Harry Styles from one direction. Read it to find out what happens in the Skype call and in the future with these 3 girls. :)


1. At school

                                      Christen's  P.O.V

  I just walked into my 3rd period and went and sat with Jordyn and Abbi. It was almost the end of school so we didn't do that much work because we already took our "big test" for the year. Jordyn was sitting right across from me and Abbi was sitting in front of me. Mrs. Lynn,our teacher, walked in front of the classroom just as the bell rung. She made sure everyone was in the classroom so she could start talking to the class without repeating herself. She started to  say, "Hello class. It seems everyone is here so let's get started, today we don't have anything to do so you can talk to your friends just don't get really loud." Jordyn,Abbi,and I looked at each other with a smile. It was a Friday and we had nothing to do. Jordyn looked up at us and said," Do you guys have any plans for the weekend?" We looked up and we both shook our heads no. Her face lighted up and said,"Do you guys wanna come over to my house and spend the night." We both said yes. Abbi and I took out our phones ( since it's the end of the year,they let us take our phones out) and texted our moms. I said to Jordyn,"My mom said that I can!!" Then Jordyn looked up at Abbi and said,"So what about you? Can you stay or not?" Abbi said," Yeah I can!" Jordyn said," Ok at the end of 7th period come to my locker and/or text me if you can. Ok?" We said ok. 


                              HEY GUYS!!! 

    I decide to make another fanfic because (1) I'm bored (2) I'm out of school and wanted to do another one:) 

   I'm going to try to update as soon as possible. Maybe  on Tuesdays but I really don't know.Hope you guys like it:) 

(if you want to co-owner ask me and I will make that happen) ( if you think it needs something to make it better tell me and I will make it better!!:])





                                  LOVE YOU GUYS 


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