Toby and Harper

For the Hogwarts Contest!


5. Day 4: Thursday Ctd.

We ran through the halls quickly, and in my rush, I had forgotten my book at the library. I didn't feel any remorse about it, but most likely because it had been Tamara's book anyway.

"Harper!" Toby calls. He is a good ten feet behind me. When I had gone to muggle school, I was the fastest in my whole grade.

I slow so he can catch up. "What?"

"What if she's gone to the dementors?" I begin to walk. Toby is panting. "What if it's a suicide attempt?"

I stop completely and look at him. "Why the hell would she do that?" I am suddenly very angry. I have no reason to be, we didn't know where Juniper had gone, so why does he think giving herself up to the dementors was her destination?

He frowns at me. "You don't understand."

"Toby," I soften. "Toby please, tell me. If we're finding her together, then I want to know."

"She was in love once..." He begins.

"In love?" I interrupt. "She's only fourteen!"

"If you would let me finish," He states, firmer than normal. "She was in love. A long long time ago." He begins to walk again. My delayed reaction to what he had just said wears off and I move quickly to catch up with him. "She lived in the 19th century."

I freeze at his words. "The 19th--" He gives me a look. "Sorry."

"She was in love with a boy named Daryn, and they were to be married, because in that time fourteen was a good age--" His pace quickens. "He was killed by dementors and she preserved herself in some sort of science-y thing. She stayed alive, and my parents found her. They took her in, and brought her up in our world. The preservation altered her hair color and her eyes; it made her different. My parents still don't know the truth about her, she only ever told me."

I took a moment to absorb this. "So," I begin, slowly. "You think she wants to... die?"

"To be with him, yes." He responds. "She wants to share his fate."

I bite my lip. "What is your plan of stopping her?"

"I don't want to stop her." He states. "I want to see her one last time."

I nod and we continue down the abandoned halls. We turn one last corner, and our feet refuse to move.

It's because Juniper stands in the center of the hallway.

We are too late.

The dementor steals the rest of her soul and she collapses to the floor.

"How is that one dementor made it into the school?" I ask Toby who is already rushing to his sister's aid.

He kneels and examines the damage. "She summoned it."

I sit at her side. "Juniper..." I whisper. Toby leans down to check for a heartbeat. After a short time, when he doesn't sit back up, I know what has happened.

Toby scoops his sister into his arms. "Let's go."

I say nothing, in awe of today's events. I follow Toby like a shadow, when he takes Juniper to the headmaster, who is shocked at first, then nods and instructs him to lay her on the table in the corner. Then Toby takes me to the Hufflepuff Quarters, and he is permitted entry by the prefect, and he lays me into my bed. Tamara is awake, and she appears to me like a blur, telling Toby she'll take it from here. I almost wish she wouldn't, but Toby leaves a kiss on my forehead, and exits. Tamara places a wet cloth on my forehead and pulls my blanket onto me.

"It'll all be fine." Tamara says, and then she returns to her own bed, where I hear her sob the rest of the night.

I do not sob, I do not sleep. Denial is in full affect. Juniper is here. Juniper is next to me. It's all fine.

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