Toby and Harper

For the Hogwarts Contest!


3. Day 3: Wednesday

I had spent my first night in the Hufflepuff Quarters. It wasn't half bad. Juniper and I have beds next to each other, as I finally discovered that she was a first-year like me. I dropped the subject of Toby after discovering they were siblings. I didn't want to discuss it with her. Not yet, anyways.

"Get up, Harper!" Juniper shook me.

I sigh and roll off the bed. "I'm going... I'm up..."

Juniper shakes her head. "Sure you are." She also had gotten much more talkative since I'd gotten to know her. I think it has to do with the fact that we can relate to each other.

"We have to go to Potions." She says and throws my robe at me. Then she grabs her bag off the post of her bed and begins to pack it with books.

I stretch and pull on my clothes. "Who teaches that anyway?"

I watch Juniper shiver and then she turns to face me. "Professor Snape. He's the meanest teacher in the whole school."

"But, I thought Snape died?" I ask.

Juniper shakes her head. "He did. This is his son." She looks at me with pity in her eyes. "And he harbors a horrible hatred for Potters."

"Why?" I ask, stumbling over my shoes in an attempt to braid my hair while walking.

"He blames you for the death of his father. Simple as that." She says frankly and throws her bag over her shoulder. "Time to go, Harper. We're going to be late."

I nod, and leave my hair as is. It's not like I'm going to a party or anything. I put my bag on my shoulder. "Let's go."

We walk with another girl from Hufflepuff, Tamara, though neither of us know her very well. But we all have Potions together, and they have vowed to shield me from Snape when he bears his sharp teeth and lunges at me. Tamara says he does that to Potters. I shudder.

We arrive at the classroom and I shield my face, liking my appearance as it stands. When nothing happens to me, I look up. The classroom is in the dungeons, so it is naturally chilly, and dark. Windows are barred over, and the desks are charcoal black. 

I sit towards the back with Juniper and Tamara. My seat is in the middle of the two, so he'd have to lunge over one of them in order to reach me no matter which way he goes. This is Tamara's math, naturally. Then Juniper points out that he could get me from the front, so Tamara convinces Frankie Mills to sit in front of me, then whispering to us that: "If he's smart, he won't come in a foot's radius of Frankie. I hear he never showers." I roll my eyes. I realize now that Tamara is quite the gossip.

"Attention!" Snape announces, in a mild volume. Not nearly shouting, but loud enough to be heard. "Class is in session. Ms.Potter." He says, catching me off guard.

I stop talking to Juniper. "Professor?" I squeak because a picture of my mangled face after he's done with me appears in my mind.

"I would appreciate your full attention during my class." His voice is monotone. "Thank you."

I bite my lip. Not exactly the start I would have liked. Juniper and Tamara look at me in fear, expecting me to cry or something. I shake my head at them, trying to reassure their fears. They nod in return and focus back to Snape.

The class ends swiftly, and I am nearly out the door when Snape calls my name.

"Yes?" I respond, not facing him.

"Come here." He does not ask firmly, yet I spin around and move to him quickly.

"I appreciate that you fear me, but I am not such a monster to rip your throat out with my teeth." I freeze. "So please do not have those morbid thoughts about me." He then turns and glides to his desk. "Dismissed."

I scurry out, in daze. How did he know what I had been thinking? Then I smile to myself. After that, Potions became my favorite class. I did not fear Snape any longer. No, if anything, he feared me.

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